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3 Intelligence Head

Since a huge knot will be unraveled in the MEDITERRANEAN, it will not stop because it has to be untied. That’s why a big chessboard is in the heart of the blue waters. Everyone is making their move. And they will. Turkey will not stand idle either.

The Mediterranean region is very important.

This is evident even when looking at big players such as the United States, England and France. These three countries also brought great names who served in the intelligence per Turkey. Gina Haspel, Richard Moore and Bernard Emie…

Richard Moore, former British Ambassador to Ankara, went to become head of MI6. Standing out with his Turkish posts and Beşiktaş fan, Moore is a man who knows Anatolia by the inch. And he is the Queen’s right hand now.

Is it just Moore? Of course no!

The CIA’s first female president Gina, Bernard Emie the way that French intelligence does beginning with Haspel has passed through Turkey. The most common feature of all three important names is that they speak Turkish. And three names came to Turkey at a much younger age.

Years later they brought to the Mediterranean three names per country and three Turkish intelligence officers who know Turkey well before being able to speak fluently.

Is that a coinsidence? Of course not.

Let’s continue…

Let’s go again from the MEDITERRANEAN.

While the dates show exactly 11 September, an important step was taken in the Mediterranean.

TCG Giresun frigate and British destroyer HMS Argyll conducted a joint training in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This photo provided the tension between Turkey and Greece-France damn ceiling was very, very important. It was also meaningful.

Turkey between September 6 to 10 so that a few days before, had presented the Captain Martyr Cengiz Topel Mediterranean Storm Exercise.

Let’s get up to speed now.

What’s happening in the Mediterranean?

This is the question! Let’s go open. What will happen next?

Which country is pursuing what kind of alliance?

These are the other questions that come to mind. There is no doubt that we should follow the USA and England in the region.

“You can’t take a single step without knowing Washington and London.”

There are those who don’t understand. Some ignore it because they are in charge, but the two capitals determine the fate of the world. Money, weapons, and power also settled at these two addresses.

For a very long time.

With the arrival of Trump, the two structures that emerged for the first time to be seen with the naked eye are also facing each other in the Mediterranean.

While one power wants the Washington-London-Ankara axis to be a power in the Mediterranean, the other power wants to connect the Mediterranean with the Washington-bordered European Union.

So they don’t want England as a partner.

In fact, by all accounts, a historic step in Libya and Turkey broke effect.

If Haftar had successfully implemented the plans, Washington would share the Mediterranean with bordered Europe.

However, the Turkish army managed the Libyan military power so effectively that the grand plan collapsed. That’s why the United States is squeezing Germany in Nord Stream-2.

The poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny with the nerve gas ‘Noviçok’ is also a play staged with the same calculation.

In any case, US Secretary of State Pompeo has been silent on the Mediterranean crisis for weeks.

When Washington was informed that Turkey and the UK will be take a joint step, Pompeo flew to the MEDITERRANEAN.

TCG Giresun and Queen II. The joint exercise of HMS Argyll, the British destroyer whom Elizabeth paid special attention to, shook Washington.

HMS Argyll, which the was Queen photographed on board, was a very special ship.

Symbolically, it also had a great meaning.

Two important names of the company that built HMS Argyll were on the honours list.

They were the ones who received a medal of bravery from the Queen.

The landing of HMS Argyll in the Mediterranean and side by side with the Turkish ship made Washington very uncomfortable.

The London-Ankara partnership was naturally disturbing the capital.

However, it was no secret that Britain was a very calm but very important power in the Mediterranean. This was as a result-oriented big player in the Mediterranean.

The future of the Mediterranean, not only for the US, European Union, Britain and Turkey as well as Russia and China was also vital for.

The Mediterranean has not gained importance today.

For years, the Mediterranean was Washington’s target.

However, there was no need for mobility in the Mediterranean.

When China declared the Silk Road, the Mediterranean became the most important sea again.

Oil and gas in the Mediterranean is very important. However, the strategic location of the Mediterranean is more valid for Washington.

Washington was supporting Haftar in Libya.

However, things changed when Haftar decided to establish his own republic.

Hafter, who was German in Berlin, became French in Paris.

Haftar would still be influential in Libya if Washington wanted to.

Haftar became commonplace in Libya as soon as Washington withdrew its support.

Support from France and Germany for Haftar was also ineffective.

Washington knows very well that the biggest rival is not Europe or Russia.

United States, began preparations to respond to Syria’s Mediterranean Turkey steps in the UK.

Because Syria is still American soil. Don’t be fooled that Russia exists there.

Russia can raise its voice in regions permitted by the USA. Assad and Putin both know this.

There will be important developments in Syria in the coming weeks.

There is also a period in which Ankara and Moscow may face each other again!

Washington is the landlock that best knows which country will have problems with which capital.

Syria is very important for both Turkey and Russia.

Therefore, a tension to be experienced there increases the tension between Ankara and Moscow.

Special American troops that left Iraq last week went to Syria secretly.

Why Syria? It takes a little more time to understand this.

However, this was an unusual step.

Even Trump learned about this military transition later. However, Pompeo had knowledge.

Every part of the Mediterranean will be much warmer. This is what appears.

To reduce the weight of Turkey in the Mediterranean, to distract everyone doing their utmost.

Turkey also good to know it. Its importance in energy traffic and Silk Road is much more valuable than the richness of the Mediterranean. Africa-Europe-Asia are connected by this sea. Arm wrestling is much bigger than you think. Chess is way beyond what normal minds can understand.

Look at the events like that.

Approach the opposition inside from this framework.

Almost all of them are focused on Europe, close to the format that the EU and the USA will be companionship with.

This is the fight anyway.

It’s just started.

The tension will increase.

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