Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD

3 QuestIon 1 Answer

A group of philosophers went to Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. They said that they wanted to ask some questions. Mevlana Hazretleri sent them toŞems-i Tebrizi. When they arrived Şems-i Tebrizi Hazretleri was at the masjid, teaching students how to do tayammum with a mud-brick.The Philosophers told him that they wanted to ask three questions. Şems-i Tebrizi said:-Ask!They chose a leader. He was going to ask the questions. And he started to ask.-You say that Allah is present, but we can’t see Him, show Him to us and then we will believe.Şems-i Tebrizi said:-Ask your next question!He said:-You say that the devil is created from fire, then you say that he will be punished with fire, can fire hurt fire? Şems-i Tebrizi said:-Ask your next question!He said:-You say that everyone will get their reward after life and be punished for what they’ve done.Let people do what they want! Şems-i Tebrizi took the mud-brick and hit the man’s head in response. The Philosophers that came to ask the questions, went toa Kadi (Muslim judge) and made a complaint.He said:-I just asked questions and he hit my head.Şems-i Tebrizi said:-I just answered his questions.The Kadi wanted an explanation. Şems-i Tebrizi started to explain:-My Efendi, he said that he’ll believe in Allah-ü Teala if I show Him. Now I want this philosopher toshow his headache. That man surprisingly said:-It aches but I can’t show it.Şems-i Tebrizi:-Allahü Teala is present, but He can’t be seen. Then he asked me how fire can hurt the devil. I hit him with soil. The soil hurt his head. However, he was created from soil.Then he said ”Let people do what they want! You can’t seek rights because of these.” to me.I just wanted to hit that mud-brick on his head, and I did. Why is he seeking his right? He shouldn’t! If we are seeking our rights for little issues in this world, then why can’t we seek our rights for the eternal afterlife?That philosopher was very embarassed and couldn’t say a word.

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