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A Big Player

THE BRITISH say, “We have no friend or enemy. We have an agenda.”

The smart state does not think otherwise.

There is no emotion in interstate relations.

Nor shouldn’t there be.

Yesterday is different, today is different, tomorrow is completely different.

It is a habit in us, we do not look at big politics and we always talk about today!

Yet yesterday is important to take lessons. It is passing today too!

The important thing is to look at tomorrow and move forward with the right setup.

If you are talking about a global event anywhere in the world, your first address to look at should be London!

Believe me, London does not mislead people.

It is a tunnel with lights to show what will happen.

When you can’t understand London and can’t read Washington you can’t also see Turkey’s route.

Let’s open a little more…

Perhaps in the future, history books will consider Brexit as the move of the 100 years.


Britain went out to Europe saying “Goodbye”.

It was a painful and controversial journey.

In fact, it was describing the fronts of the global war.

There are so many details to write about that I don’t know where to start.

But let’s take a look at 2018.

In January 2018, UK Prime Minister Theresa May flew to China with 50 big bosses.

Leaving Europe behind with Brexit, England was traveling to the heart of the new game’s new fiction.

Pascal Sorio, CEO of Astra Zeneca, HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth,

Standard Chartered Bank CEO Bill Winter, Standard Life Aberdeen Chairman Gerry Grimstone and London Stock Exchange, Group CEO Names like Nikhil Rathi also went with MAY.


THE SILK ROAD was the most important project between the two great states.

The world would be reshaped.

British Prime Minister May told the Chinese Leader Cinping,

“We want to further the global strategic partnership we have established.”

A few months after Theresa May’s visit to China, President Erdogan flew to London.

He spoke at the closing of the Turkish-British Dessert Language Forum.

He said: Let’s take advantage of business and trade opportunities in different geographies of the world.

Turkey’s operational facilities and the United Kingdom’s financial strength will emerge when combined synergies

will provide enormous profits for both sides. Let’s take this great opportunity together.

Strategic partnership between Turkey and the United Kingdom beyond being a simple choice of the two countries and at the same time I consider as a necessity in terms of the interests of a wide geography.

Remember; Theresa May was meeting with President Trump and coming to Turkey without even visiting London.

Britain turned its back on Europe and wanted the new domination with a system that pushed China forward.

Turkey was a key country here.

Turkey, seeing that balance has changed, saying “no friend or enemy, we have an interest” as it entering the line between London and Beijing as a big player.

In this state, the usual route from Turkey was also meant to go in another direction.

This was the reason of fight and noise

The London mind wanted to unite Trump-Cinping-Putin alongside Erdogan.

WORLD, which will become 4 MAIN CENTERS, will be shared.

We saw it through the cover of the 2018 GERMAN DER SPIEGEL.

The Germans were calling “DON’T ALLOW THESE FOUR”…

MAY is going to Beijing in January, Erdogan is flying to London in May, and the MAGAZINE was out with its famous cover in June!

So nothing was a coincidence.

It couldn’t be…

Let’s give one more detail again.

Lord Chris Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, was the person who organized Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to China in 2018.

Very important agreements have been signed between the two countries.

Lord Patten said, “2 nations are the only way out.”

He was also taking steps for the UK TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP and saying that he would maximize his determination to walk together but HONG KONG is mixed!

Lord Chris Patten, Oxford’s patron, would later come to the point that “WE WILL SEND Chinese STUDENTS HOME”.

Considering Hong Kong and the street actions, it was impossible not to see the USA.

New fiction between Britain and China, London’s escape from Europe, opened a new position in the field to Turkey.

It was not difficult to see this from open sources, anyway.

Such balance is established, Turkey stands out even more, coming face to face with Europe and the US.

The tension in the MEDITERRANEAN, which is the lifeblood of the SILK ROAD, the tension in Syria, the war in Libya,

the conflict in the Caucasus, were all the results of this great balance.

At this point, President Erdogan was speaking harsh words to the United States:

Some Americans are coming along and calling my inspiration brother.

And saying that ‘we know who’s on your side, Erdogan, Turkey. If necessary, we will apply sanctions to Turkey as well.’

You don’t know who you’re dancing with. Whatever your sanctions are, don’t be late.

I don’t know who talked to Washington in this tone.

But Erdogan did not spare his word at all…

He was entering from the S-400 issue and leaving Azerbaijan.

Now, in front of the cameras, it seems that Turkey and USA was in different points.

There were Commonwealth of Nations-China-Turkey-Qatar.

And on the other hand, the USA and the Europe that is against them.

Today there is, both USA and Europe trying to apply pressure on Turkey.

This is the FIGHT. This is the WAR. This is the STRUGGLE.

Read the armed conflicts in Libya and Syria, the Armenian attacks, and the struggle in the markets from this window.

The West is saying to Turkey “You can not take a step without us”

And Turkey is replying “Who are you?”

This is what happens…

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