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A Clear Message

A Clear Message

The ARAB SPRING was actually the first and most important step taken for the MEDITERRANEAN …
The University student Bouazizi setting himself on fire was also the cause of today’s tension. Many people could not see
it that day ..

It was also difficult to see from 2010. However, those who followed the cracks at the top of the WORLD knew that the
MEDITERRANEAN would sit in the center of the world …
As you know, GREECE who are power backed and supported, they want to be a problem against Turkey and it doesn’t look like they are going back from that either. The tension will increase. This is obvious…

In this climate, GERMANY takes the stage as a mediator. It is not surprising that Europe’s greatest power takes its place in
this turbulence. In the final analysis, GERMANY is the big economy, the great intelligence, and the great power. They
started shuttle weaving between Athens and Ankara. They even gathered the EUROPEAN UNION DEFENSE MINISTERS. AND THERE THE MICROPHONE STAYED ON !.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borell, asked ‘How did it go?’ to German Defense
Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer by intending to talk about the tension between Turkey and Greece. The answer was insteresting:
It’s been easy with Greece but it was very tough discussion with the Turkey…

Let’s open the subject now..
But let’s go by thinking at least 10 years ago and beyond, not daily..
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gathered Berlin’s deep mind around the table when she became German Defense Minister in July 2019.
At that meeting Kramp-Karrenbauer already opened a file that she cared about very, very importantly.
Deutsche Mittelmeer (German Mediterranean) … Kramp-Karrenbauer was holding a project that showed how long years of work
would result in favour of Germany. The CODs of Berlin, which will have a fully independent voice in the world, were in this file.

Deutsche Mittelmeer was the center of energy but especially the New Silk Road.
A big problem was put on the table here. Turkey was in bad taste with Germany. This peaked after July 15. There were also
problems at the intelligence level, mutual retentions were taking place .. Ankara and Berlin could not find anything in common.
Either Ankara would change or Berlin. There was no third OPTION either. The plan against Turkey the decision has been made
will ‘continue’. This was the Libyan formula.

If Haftar managed to invade Libya, Germany would be the biggest player on the table with the United States. All preparations
from education to foreign policy were completed. But it didn’t work ..

Trusting HAFTER, Germany suddenly became helpless against the Turkish military and the Libyan army led by this mind.
When Haftar’s plan collapsed, Germany also lost. HAFTER’s escape from the Moscow and Berlin summits and being defeated in the field put Berlin in a difficult position. Seeing that it is difficult to get results through Hafter, The German Mind has now
prepared a plan over Greece. This was Germany’s Plan B. However, Greece was different. A lot indeed….

Haftar was also in close contact with every country, but there were two countries he took orders from, USA and Germany.
Those who worked with Haftar and those who fought against the Turkish soldier got the support from GERMANY.
On one occasion, Putin said, “We did not establish Wagner, nor do we pay for it.” It was interesting … The differences
between Haftar and Greece were visible.

Greece was taking orders from more countries than HAFTER. Of course, although the impact of Germany was felt very much in
Athens, the USA, France and England could do whatever they wanted in Greece. Now Germany had to take a path they never wanted. They want to make agreement with Turkey about the Mediterranean.

This is a hot topic in Berlin now. However, making a large Mediterranean partnership in Turkey with Germany is not so easy.
Because both the USA and the UK oppose it. Germany insists on CONTACT … The microphone crisis above should be read like this…

The conversation between Kramp-Karrenbauer and EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell was intention reflected.
The microphone was not turned on accidentally. This talk by Germany, declaring that they wanted to establish contacts with
Turkey out of the EU. THIS WAS THE CLEAR MESSAGE! This message was given in a simple but clever setup.

Kramp-Karrenbauer is a very smart person. It is very likely that she will be replaced with Merkel. Although she said that
she abandoned this claim, she is still the strongest candidate! No matter how many problems arise, it is certain that she
will become the Chancellor of Germany after Merkel.

Germany formed a special team. They are ready to make significant concessions to be in partnership with Turkey for the Mediterranean. As we shared yesterday, GERMANY will do with all its might to be in the MEDITERRANEAN.

Because Germany has to enter the Mediterranean. France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt
did not partner with Germany. There is no 100 PERCENT partnerships! Although Berlin is still taking steps to be closer to these
countries, it has not been met. Back in every field from the USA to the UK, from Russia to China…

For this reason, Turkey, which is the largest border to the Mediterranean is the star. Turkey with the Mediterranean prepared
proposals to completely break away from the USA..
Because Germany knows that the European Union will not last long. During the days when Covid-19 was active, we saw how Euroepan Union Countries were enemies of each other..

This is the reason for the tension in the Mediterranean. Because when the European Union disintegrates, the Mediterranean will
be 10 times more valuable than today. The Mediterranean ranks first in geopolitical and geostrategic studies of many countries.
Yes, there are trillions of dollars worth of oil and natural gas under the Mediterranean. But strategically, the Mediterranean
is more valuable ..

There are those who have trouble seeing the FUTURE because many things are evaluated daily …
IF GEOGRAPHY IS DESTINY Turkey will sail on a nice days. Because it is difficult to be in the Middle East, Mediterranean, Eurasia without Turkey. Few people understood us when we wrote that “MEDITERRANEAN WAR” was behind the Gezi Events warned our young ones….

If we consider the events as a WHOLE, we will not have much difficulty. However, the props and slogans in front of the
scene are misleading. Look behind the curtain… Turkey’s alliance with whom will be the important card and a path forward for the future.

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