Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


At the beginning of Hz. Omer R.A’s caliphate, during Syria’s conquest, Muslims and Byzantines had a tough war at Yermuk.(August,636)
The commander of Muslims was Halid bin Velid R.A, who was also named ‘Seyfullah’.
One of Byzantine’s commanders Cerece (Yorgi) took a step and called Halid bin Velid R.A.
Two commanders talked on their horses:-Halid! Tell me the truth. They say that Allah landed a sword to your Prophet and that He gave it to you. And you defeat anyone who you draw your sword against, is that true?
-No. Allah sent a Prophet to us. And he invited us to the belief. When I believed Rasulullah (A.S.V) told me:
‘You are a sword which Allah draws against polytheists.’ Then he prayed for me to win. Thus, he gave me the name of Seyfullah, which means ‘Allah’s sword’.
-What are we invited to?-To say the shahada, which says that there is no other god than Allah, and Muhammed (A.S.V) is His servant and His messenger. We are inviting you to believe things which he brought from Allah.
-Will people who believe your religion today be awarded like you?
-Yes. People who accept Islam today might be superior to us. Because you didn’t see which we saw from our Prophet.
After this talk, Yorgi joined Hz. Halid bin Velid R.A and accepted Islam.
He performed an ablution and two-rakat prayer in his tent.
He went outside with Halid bin Velid R.A and got on his horse. He fought against Byzantines.Byzantines started to attack violently when they saw the situation. Muslims won the war, but General Yorgi who only performed a two-rakat prayer was martyred that day.

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