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A Relocation of Power in the USA

Coronavirus brought along economic fluctuations and political showdowns. These are quite natural in major economic recessions. But the most violent political conflicts have happened in the US. The deep struggle taking place in the US has had a global effect. As long as dollar is the reserve currency, this will be impossible to avoid.

Let’s keep on with our theme of money and The Deep State, namely McLean. The Deep State of America is using its influence in many fields to realize the new world. In China, in Europe, in the Middle East, in North America… It is making more waves then it ever has.

All of this can be observed just by looking at Pompeo.

On April 13, a serious debate occured in the White House. Inside the White House, there is a room run by the Deep State: White House Situation Room. The room where the US Presidents pose for photographs when an operation is carried out to take out leaders of terrorist organizations (like Ladin). So, it’s a room for theatrics.

On April 13, President Trump called the Director of US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauice into this room.

Next to Trump was Daniel Scavino, his most trusted man.

Trump, who didn’t have entry clearanceforcibly entered the room, and started insulting Fauci. “I don’t care about The Deep State of America. I want a Great State of America. Blood sucking leeches like you corrupted the Deep State. The Deep State is not the final authority. I said this to you at McLean. My opinion is still the same,” Trump said.

Looking at Fauci’s relations, it is seen that he is close to families, that is, to global capital. He seems to be a man of the oligarchy.

Moving on…

Trump’s outburst disturbed The Deep State greatly.

Trump has such a colorful personality that he sometimes reacts to certain situations with very alarming remarks. Such as “Chinese Virus”, “The virus was produced in the laboratory in Wuhan. I’ve seen the evidence,” and “Our demand for reparations will be greater than Germany’s.”

And once again, Trump has shocked everyone. “The virus appeared in Wuhan, but it may not have been made in the laboratory there. The virus should have been stopped before it spread all over the world,” Trump said. So he called out to The Deep State.

He showed that he was the President of the United States and, if necessary, he would not hesitate to make statements to the public that would deeply disturb The Deep State.

Trump threatened McLean, a place that has kept its signifigance hidden from so many.

McLean is the birthplace of The Deep State. It is a power that nobody can oppose. McLean is where many American politicians want to be a part of, but they cannot. Trump did not encounter The Deep State for the first time there.

However, it was the place where he had private meetings with The Deep State.

He did not deny that he got his power from McLean. In June 2019, McLean came to the world agenda. Trump visited the McLean Bible Church. “I pray to God,” said McLean Bible Church pastor David Platt.

“To give President Donald Trump the wisdom to rule the country.”

This church is also ruled by The Deep State. David Platt is a minister connected to The Deep State. He has strong political connections.

The words of this priest, who had influence in many countries, were very important.

The Deep State does not only rule over the Evangelists in the United States. So there is a very powerful force supporting Trump. And the mansion in McLean, where the old power of The Deep State was located has been demolished. The Deep State has changed its location.

Now, let’s take a look at Daniel Scavino.

Daniel Scavino is the person who posted some of Trump’s most controversial tweets. When Trump entered the White House, Daniel Scavino was the only person from his campaign team. The password for all Trump’s social media accounts is available to Daniel Scavino. Although Scavino appears to be the Social Media Director, he is the man who solves many of Trump’s problems. He is a very powerful person. When Scavino walks through the White House corridors, people go silent. He is the man who writes the messages that we read.

He is the shadow of the president.

Scavino posted a photo without comment from his Instagram account on January 18. Trump’s has his back turned to fire and destruction.

A small sign stands in front of the fire, it reads: Deep State. Trump stands unharmed in the photo.

This was a photograph of the fight in the United States. They can’t silence Trump. It may be due to the preacher of the McLean Bible Church, David Platt, or almost all of the evangelical society. But Trump is someone who can go deeper than anyone has went before. Trump is taking part in replacing the old Deep State and the establishment of a great America.

The United States is in chaos like never before. This chaos is not about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is just one of the dramatic aspects of this chaos.

Washington is at the center of the big fight. Money is in the center of it all. A war for holding on to money. Whoever can diret the money flow will be victorious in the United States. This will determine the trajectory of the world’s 100-year orbit. Trump and the power behind him want a new system. This is the goal. That’s why The Deep State’s mansion McLean was demolished.

Just like Gorbachev dissolved communism and transformed country under orders from The Deep Soviet State.

The same thing is now happening in the USA.

Trump is just a name.

In the background, a war is taking place against the current holders of money.

Targeting China was the passphrase for this war. What’s interesting is that the British intelligence seems to be allying with the CIA in this endeavour.

If these two powers work together, it means that everything is going to change.

I think that when Trump humiliated the Queen at Windsor Castle, the first moves were being made. Many people don’t understand, but the first warning flare for a new system was fired from at that moment. While we were fighting against the virus, a war was being waged at the top of the world.

As we have often written, this plan will be finalized in 2020.

Let’s keep watching and follow the money, because the rest is just hearsay.

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