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INTELLIGENCE organizations take on duty to make us see things the way they want .

I have enough experience to know that countries are protected by reason and dispersed with foolishness.

Turkey is a place that FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE is everywhere.

I already write the shape they want to apply on Turkey.

When we put all this together, I see that we have to walk compassionately, being smart and problem solver.

Those who follow us probably know.

Over and over I have written Jeffrey Epstein and his lover & accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

I explained that this line besieged TRUMP and they made Trump do whatever they said.

However, these were not even addressed in the USA.

Craig Unger of Vanity Fair, wrote a book in the past weeks.

He had recently entered the Epstein business.

He brought Trump’s relationship with the KGB, namely RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE, into his book.

The President of America was working with the RUSSIANS.

Trump’s relationship with Russia began in 1976 when he decided to make a new hotel and real estate investments in Manhattan.

Trump bought hundreds of televisions to his new hotel in Manhattan from the Joy-Lud Electronics store of Ukrainian Sam Kislin, who migrated from Odessa to Manhattan.

And he entered the line, the network.

Sam Kislin was JEWISH.

He was one of the important names of the KGB.

The televisions he gave to Trump were double banded.

In other words, it was receiving Russian broadcasts.

No wonder that all Russians living in the USA stopped by this store while going to their country and definitely took a TV.

After this exchange, Kislin remained politically close to Trump in the USA.

The Soviet KGB intelligence also followed Trump.

Trump has also survived bankruptcy several times, through the KGB, by selling millions of dollars of housing to the money laundering Russian mafia.

The same scenario came to life in Atlantic City.

Jeffrey Epstein was taking Trump to the Rothschilds via Wilbur Ross and rescuing him.

In 1987, a KGB chief invited Trump to build a hotel in Moscow.

With this invitation, Trump’s relationship with the KGB was strengthened and he was on his way as President of the United States.


Nobody knew except those who should know.

Trump was completely on the Russian radar in 1977 when he married his first wife Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech model!

His old friend Epstein was already carrying MESSAGES among intelligence agencies.

The USA is discussing this now!

Trump and the Russian intelligence.

Yet history has shown us the generosity so we can take lessons.

The Cambridge Five.

I mean the gang of 5 that loaded information to the Soviets.

Kim Philby, Donald Duart Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross.

According to the claim, they met COMMUNISM at Cambridge University.

And they worked for the Soviets!

This is the fairy tale part of the job.

When these 5 genius young people took part in British intelligence, the head of the organization was Victor Rothschild.

So Rothtschild was sending them to Moscow with the “THEY SOLD THE COUNTRY” image.

This was the case with Trump.

British Intelligence MI6 was catching Trump at an early age through the Russians.

From his ego, desire for recognition and private life!

In other words, intelligence agencies make black to white and white to black!

There is this mind.

There are also many examples.

Let’s come inside.

It is not SECRET that Putin and Erdogan will be targeted after Biden arrives.

How many times have I written.

Did the WEST, which created Al-Qaeda, then called all MUSLIMS “TERRORIST”? They did.

It was they who shot the Twin Towers, but were the Muslims blamed? Yes.

Did they make propaganda through DAESH “MUSLIMS ARE EXECUTING PEOPLE”. They did.

Did they publish them?

Yes they did!

While there are so many examples, if we call the students of BOSPHORUS terrorists, wouldn’t it be the benefit for them?

If Turkey’s most intelligent children went to college “is filled with terrorists”, there is nothing to do anyway!

The day is the day of intelligence operations!

The example of Trump and the Cambridge 5 is obvious!

There are others too!

Therefore, let’s walk calmly, wisely, compassionately.

It would not be a very logical choice to accumulate problems inside when there is a pandemic, economic difficulties, interests, insufficiency of vaccines, and uncertainty about the future.

Bosphorus politicians should come together and correct the situation.

By being a brother.

Is it so hard!

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