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Aircraft Carrier

BIG companies in ALMOST every country are under the protection of that country. The situation is not different in political matters. Sometimes companies sit and get up with their countries and sometimes with great powers. Great powers sometimes open the front, sometimes they want the reward of their support.

There are many examples in this regard …

For example, companies that are the carrier of a US patented company work in harmony with that big brand in the world and the country where that brand belongs.

The same applies to the German Siemens, the Italian Fiat, the French Peugeot, and General Motors. It does not matter.

Let’s look at the POLITICAL window of this work.

Without hurting without breaking. The address we will again reach is the MEDITERRANEAN. Although the Cyprus plan of the United States has been disrupted by the pandemic, it continues. The Cyprus Island will be one of the most important land parts of the world. Of course, money is needed for this. The world’s top 100 companies support this great project. Of course, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are two countries. The presence of Turkey, slowing down the plans about the island. The outside cannot do what it wants. However, an interesting development took place after the pandemic. The button was pressed again after the pandemic to make Cyprus a single country.

Initiatives for a Washington-compatible constitution have been accelerated. 7-8 years of work have also been completed. In the meantime, there was a recent CYPRUS-centered debate.

Speaking to British newspaper GUARDIAN in April TRNC President Akıncı “The subject of Northern Cyprus into Turkey is against the interests of Turkey. I will not be the second TAYFUR SOKMEN” he said.

Reactions Commenting on AKINCI outlined:

“The Turkish Cypriot people do not want to be a minority to the Greek side nor does not want to live in constant dependence relationship with Turkey. What is essential is that the TRNC becomes one of the two equal constituent states and assumes the respected place it deserves under the federal roof and in international law. “

Continue …

President Akıncı may not know but it was a fiction of Ricciardone one of the most talked about projects Cyprus US ambassador in Turkey. He wanted this very much and he was trying very hard for it. During Erdoğan’s illness, he had a SECRET MEETING WITH JOURNALISTS AT THE HILTON HOTEL. The AMBASSADOR, who played HEALTH GAMBLING, was not empty for CYPRUS either.

Now I do not want to name the names, but he had a PRIVATE MEETING WITH THE BOSSES OF MANY of the LARGEST TURKISH COMPANIES. No matter how big companies come to mind, almost all of them were in these interviews. The Cyprus issue was discussed with all of them one by one…

The vast majority pledged support!

For example, he could not persuade a boss who is now dead. 20 big companies within the very big companies promised Francis Ricciardone for ‘One Cyprus’ Important members of the family, which was also one of the big ones, but experienced a capital split within itself,announced that they would support this plan.

However, the now-deceased boss personally told Francis Ricciardone that they did not want to be involved in such an uncertain and risky plan in the first place.

John Bass, who later became the US Ambassador to Ankara, also met with the same names many times, but a 100 percent agreement was never reached.

Although it seemed like a fact that the boss was close to Washington, he had a structure that didn’t say “YES” to their every word.

Of course, after the boss, who was at odds with the US, passed away, the family members who took his place acted like other bosses and the ice melted.They believed in a partnership between London and Washington. The family elders were already positive about Francis Ricciardone’s offer from the very first moment. He just wanted a guarantee. Maybe John Bass gave that guarantee. This is unknown, but behind closed doors support for the “ONE CYPRUS” plan was growing. Businessmen are important in every country. In Turkey, more important.

Even if I do not reveal the names, if this plan is supported so much, someone is now making the finishing touches for Cyprus. In a new world with the Mediterranean in the center, the island of Cyprus also remains in an invaluable position. Washington wants to be a great power in the Mediterranean. France, England and Germany know this.

The main problem is the tension experienced by the United States with Turkey.


Despite everything, despite all. Without this tension, the grand plan would have been completed long in advance. There are a lot of people making this comment! Now, even if time passes quickly, the world has started the day with pandemic panic, but the warmth of the Mediterranean has started to be felt everywhere.

The agreement between the Gulf countries and Israel was also made centered on the Mediterranean. There was Washington in the back again. The Gulf countries’ rapprochement with Israel aimed at isolating Ankara in the region. As of next year, the other topic we will talk about most will be Suakin Island. Located in the northeast of Sudan, on the west coast of the Red Sea, Suakin has been of strategic and vital

importance for centuries. As of today, the boss of Sevakin is Turkey. Now the United States is waiting for the European Union’s outputs on this island. Then Washington will be involved, claiming to be solution oriented. In the rooms where state decisions are made in Washington, the first issue is the Mediterranean and the island of Cyprus, the second is the Suakin. Turkey is a lead role in both regions.

Washington preferred confrontation instead of rapprochement with Turkey. Can you imagine?

Turkey is located in the center of the USA presidential election. This is the first time and it is unlikely to happen again. Now Turkey has to take the right decisions to evaluate the best options. This will shape the future of Turkey’s next 100 years. It surprises me that some still find it difficult to understand Ankara’s effort and war inside. How is this struggle seen with the naked eye cannot be seen from ANKARA BOULEVARDS!

Or there are other balances that we do not know.  But what is clear is that we are not a SINGLE PIECE of our interests inside. And the fact that this is also a great advantage for the outside. Cyprus is an aircraft carrier in the MEDITERRANEAN. Everyone wants and will want to enter the control center, take command. We will experience this in the upcoming period.

Either by political games or by force. Turkey is ready for all of these methods That’s okay. But inside there is a lot of mind focused on understanding the stranger.

That’s the problem…

But it’s surmountable.

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