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Arm Wrestling, Not Fighting

Turkey is not an ordinary, small, unpretentious state.

This didn’t happen even in our weakest times.

The best playmakers knows this.

Almost all of the steps taken inside are not understood at the moment.

Let’s give the simplest example.

Reform is called, the answer is “NONE” immediately.

They want to cut off without even knowing the content and seeing the step.

There are many other things like that.

So why?

Let’s look at that.

Certain countries had roles and duties in US-Soviet balance.

Turkey also would fight with “COMMUNISM”

It did.

Nobody asked how COMMUNISM would come to the country, almost all of which are MUSLIMS.

Now the player is CHINA instead of Russia!

Even if the USA enlarges or paves the way, even if the technological espionage is by the hands of the USA, China is the player!


Trump is gone, Biden is here.

LANGUAGE has changed in Washington.

Biden and his team will put CHINA at the center of everything from industry to foreign policy.

They will defend democracy (!) And deal with authoritarian regimes and corruption.

This is also the CODE of this new war!

TIPS are already more than enough.

For those who can see!

5G, artificial intelligence, quantum, synthetic biology and VIRUSES will be at the center of this war.

Deep AMERICA will try a much cheaper and more effective way to DEMONIZE China.

They will start a culture war.

Novels-stories-films will come one after another.

For example, an UYGHUR FILM will be on the SCREEN soon.

The moves they started OVER UYGHUR TURKS will continue over the VIRUS.

For example, in the studies conducted in the USA 9 years ago, Americans were positive to China.

Today, the same polls reveal that 73% of Americans don’t like China.

Inside is ready for any kind of struggle.

Every step will be taken to soften the CINPING regime.

An unknown move will come over the INTERNET.

Also, the military red line will be declared with Biden!

The previous day, the SENKAKU ISLANDS, where tension between China and Japan was experienced, will be the focus!

TAIWAN will also be included.

He pledged unlimited support for the disputed Senkaku Islands to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, with whom Joe Biden spoke on the phone on November 12.

So he showed the color and place of the struggle!

And because the pandemic is not over, new viruses are waiting to come out and new system is not established yet, countries

like Turkey want to find the path with their own power.

Internal politics also follows this line.

Ankara, after getting hits from USA for years, highlighted that “The world would establish again and Turkey would be there”

This, staying away from US-EU means winking to the EAST.

We have seen this in the MEDITERRANEAN, in Libya, in Syria and in the Caucasus.

Currently, the only person who has been arm wrestling with the WEST is President ERDOĞAN.

Arm wrestling, not fighting.

CHP- IYI PARTY- SAADET- GELECEK- DEVA -HDP is directly opposite of this axis.

They want to see Turkey as who is walking with the WEST and not arm wrestling.

This is the unspoken part of the fight inside.

Otherwise, the names that came out of the AK Party and separated their paths do not have any other motivation.

Meral Hanım, who, despite being a nationalist, could not come side by side with BAHÇELİ.

CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu is the name who saw this game first and changed his party first and then the partners he moved with.

The purpose is to determine the route of the Turkey.

To change the course.

Even though the opposition never says, they will occupy a place in the Biden line.

The government will perhaps come here after negotiations.

This is the difference!

Since USA is dealing with CHINA , Turkey wants to solve the problem inside.

Knowing this, Ankara makes the game difficult and says “I AM ALSO PLAYER. I HAVE REQUESTS “

This fight includes the Uyghur TURKS, the SENKAKU ISLANDS and the mutated viruses.

You can never see the whole scene just by looking inside.

In 2021, we will read all the games from China and Russia.

Let’s see..

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