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At The Same Time (Part 1)

Let’s continue with our theme of Coronavirus and its global effects. As we have highlighted in our previous piece, a battle is taking place inside the US government, despite the pandemic. There are signs of a great struggle, and certain names seem to be at the forefront, as they have always been.

The land on which the US is built belongs to two different capital groups. That’s why there are two parties, two candidates, two sides of a duel, two different currents colliding. And fused into this system at its foundations, there’s the Deep State.

Let’s highlight a few more names today, to make it easy to understand.

Coronavirus is having a grave effect on the US nowadays. But is it everywhere in the USA? No, it has taken over the city where money and power reside. New York City.

The economy has collapsed, numerous companies face bankruptcy. It’s no secret. And while everyone talks about Wall Street, right across from there is Main Street, the center of the real sector that represents the American people! The Deep State has a strong presence on Main Street. For example, if Boeing is on Main Street, then The Bank of New York Mellon would be on Wall Street. One profits from the local Americans, the other profits globally. It does not care for race. To put it further, this is the battle between Main Street and London-based Wall Street! This battle has been historically waged as the North-South War. Because the homeland of global capital is London.

Right at this point, we see that certain names are beginning to stand out! Did the Deep State infiltrate Wall Street? If so, how?

It takes a great and terrible intellect to imagine and implement the Coronavirus plan. With the Coronavirus, we’ve seen that the Deep State is a force to be reckoned with. The coronavirus plan is not over yet, but it’s 70% complete. The name that sticks out the most regarding this matter is George Soros.

The Deep State’s plan has worked almost flawlessly so far. The American Central Bank, namely FED, gave 8 out of every 10 dollars to Wall Stret. Even though there have been objections, the Deep State wanted it so. They had prepared for this move beforehand. They worked with George Soros for this plan, whom they didn’t trust at all. Step by step, they broke Soros off from London(We wrote earlier, “We’re not sure about Soros’ loyalties.”) The Deep State used an award-winning beauty here! Remember!

During the days when Donald Trump was in Russia, some meetings also had Nana Meriwether. Nana Meriwether was also present at Trump’s meetings with oligarchs in Russia. Who is Nana Meriwether?

Why would a beauty paegant title holder be in all these meetings?

When we check the old connections, we see that Nana Meriwether was the girlfriend of George Soros’ son Alex Soros. Or at least, Alex Soros thought so. He was planning a future together with her.

In fact, it wasthe Deep State that Soros’ son was flirting with. The Deep State used Meriwether. By doing so, they uncovered Trump’s dirty secrets, pulled George and Alex Soros closer to themselves, and startd the infiltration operation on Wall Street! It was important for the Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov to get closer to Soros and have a showdown. Aras Agalarov’s close relationship with Trump and partnerships with many companies on Wall Street were the other side of the coin. The fact that Trump’s team was behind Agalarov’s agreements in the USA made the Russian oligarch very powerful.

The Deep State made a good note of everything that was happening.

After Trump became president, the Deep State launched the Russia operation.

How do these names tie with the Gates family? What is the Deep State’s plan? Find out more on the Part 2 of this article tomorrow.

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