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At The Same Time Part2

Continuing from where we left off in the first part of the article.


Everyone on Trump’s team is blacklisted, including Aras Agalarov. Trump was very close to Soros. Today, Soros is an enemy of Trump. Soros, Trump, and the Russian oligarchs were acting on each other’s behalf in those days. While Putin was targeting Soros, he was on the same table with some of the oligarchs and Trump.

The same Soros, in 2018 during the DAVOS summit used the words “I see the Trump administration as a threat to the world. But this temporary phenomenon will be gone by 2020.”

If we go further back in time, Soros also said, “I will fight using my own money until I defeat Bush.” His opinions change dramatically throughout the years.

Because the Deep State fiugerd out the relationship between the Russian oligarchs, Trump, and Soros, and thus imprisoned Wall Street.

We know the situation of the oil operations today. Some American companies also went under. But in reality, it’s the Russian oligarchs going bankrupt. Oligarchs on the side of Trump and Soros. Putin allegedly sacrificed blacklisted oligarchs to the Deep State. This is quite likely. Because the barrel of crude oil, which fell to $ 10, approached $ 25. In just one week.

A small “thank you” to Putin.

So what happened to the love of Alex Soros and Nana Meriwether?

On the day the Deep State made its decision, Nana Meriwether left Alex Soros. There are many relationships closely bound through the years, ties that no one can break apart. Because of them, the Deep State could not come out of its shell for years. Now, we will see new businessmen. We will find out that the wives of many of these businessmen are also connected to the Deep State.

In Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia…

Businessmen who understand it are getting stronger and those who do not understand are going bankrupt. We have another interesting name regarding this: Melinda Gates. The daughter of space engineer Raymond Joseph French, from Dallas. The wife of Bill Gates. Without doubt, she is the most powerful woman in the world today. From many points of view, she is even stronger than Trump.

Mrs. Gates is close to Deep America. Melinda and Bill Gates’ marriage was no coincidence.

Melinda was teaching computer lessons at the age of 20, and she was attending Bilderberg meetings. She was an agent of the Deep State tasked with infiltrating Bilderberg.

She meets Bill Gates at a trade fair. Then she works at Microsoft and marries Bill Gates. This story is pretty, but not believable. It was planned years before Bill Gates and Melinda got married. Today, the Deep State works with Melinda Gates on Coronavirus.

It is natural that they sometimes have to face Trump.

We must watch the steps of Melinda Gates carefully. She’s no ordinary philanthropist. She is a great mind that puts many pieces on their places in the board for the New World Order.

The Gates family is always ahead when it comes to the Coronavirus. But looking at the media, it is seen that the Gates are close to Global Capital. This is also easy to see. However, developments say the opposite. Trump was close to the Oligarchs that ran the families.

Now, he seems to be against them. As we’ve highlighted at the beginning of the article, sides are clear as day, but the players obviously share the tasks among them. So the colors are sometimes confused. We have no choice but to wait for the game to end in order to fully understand the roles. All of them are gathered around the Virus. Soros, although he criticizes Trump so heavily, was highly appreciated for his stern stance against China. He criticized Chinese leader Jinping very aggressively: “Not the leader of the age. A dictator.”

China also defined Soros as “the man who fought the Yuan.”

It was also evident that Soros transported 1 million refugees annually to Europe in order to destabilize the European Union. The war is between China, England, Russia, The Families, and the US. And it affects all 190 countries. Including you.

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