Sat 14 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 31-10-2020AD


Imam Shafiî Muhammed Ibn Idris rh.a. (pbuh), is tested in front of Caliphate Harun Resid with Imam-i Azam’s rh.a.’s student Ebu Yusuf by Imam Muhammed’s riddles. They ask:-A man kills a sheep. Then goes out for a need and turns back. He says to his family:
‘Eat this, it’s haram for me now.’And they say: ‘Now it’s haram for us too.’Why was that meat haram for them?Safii (pbuh) answers:
-That man was a pagan. And he sacrificed that sheep for the tin god.When he went out, he became Muslim with Allah’s true path. He told his family:‘Allah granted me with Islam, that’s why this meat is now haram for me, you eat it.
His family was pleased to hear this and became Muslim. And that sheep was haram for them aswell.
They ask another question:-A man holds a glass of water to drink it. He drinks the half of it as helal, but the rest of the water is haram. Why?Safii answers:-The man’s nose started to bleed after he drank half of the water. The rest of the water was haram because it was mixed with blood.And they ask this tough question:-A man gives a filled and sealed pouch to his wife and says to her:‘If you open this pouch or take the seal off, I will divorce you.If you give this pouch back to me filled and sealed, I will still divorce you.’What can she do to stay married?Safii answers:
-That pouch is filled with sugar or salt. The woman leaves that pouch in water until they melt.Thus, she gives the empty pouch back.

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