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There is no such thing as “NO PROBLEM.” It never has been nor will it be ever be. A smooth foreign policy is nothing more than a dream. The moment we say NO PROBLEM, we accept that no one in the world is fighting or fighting with anyone in the world.

There is no such truth.

Black people descending on the streets in the USA, the shooting of US bases in Afghanistan, the emergence of terrorism in London as never before, the streets turning into a bloodbath in France, the shaking of the countries ruled from afar with coups in Africa, the struggle of Syria and the inability to recover, There is an operation that we cannot complete by counting, such as getting Libya out of the way, even countries without a coast to direct their forces here, the explosion of bombs in Sudan,  the silence of weapons in Djibouti, and the shooting of ARAMCO facilities with DRONEs.

If you call these things “TERROR”, you will miss the incident. There is powerful intelligence behind all TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS in the world.

Do you think Al-Qaeda or Daesh are self-emerging structures?

Or the PKK? There is no such thing!

The great powers are fighting for big goals, using terror and the economy in this way.

This is what happens!

Let’s open…

If we put aside the divisions within themselves, there is a triple structure in the world after BREXIT. Britain left the European Union. They started a new game by taking China with them. It awakened 54 countries belonging to the structure called COMMONWEALTH (Commonwealth of Nations).

They built new partnerships by giving shares to their old friends. The aim here was to use China as a production machine and rule energy, money and power with their friends!

In their opposition there were two main blocks!

The first was the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, despite all kinds of troubles and shocks. It still had a large army, technology, money, and navy. It wasn’t hard to say that they were unrivaled, either. The European Union, from which Britain broke off, was also forming the third block. They also aimed to gather power in the Middle East and Africa, especially in the Mediterranean, by putting the Euro against the dollar.

Roughly these THREE BLOCKS were in conflict everywhere!

The German-English fight was already the name of a historical struggle!

That piece of land they want to make the most of these forces in Turkey was competing all over the world!

These were the reasons why there could not be NO PROBLEMS here. If you did not touch IRAQ, the PKK would carry Iraq to you. If you shut your eyes on Syria, YPG-DAESH would bring them here. If you thought that we could sail our ships in peace in the Mediterranean, Israel, Greece, Egypt and France would stand before you.Even in Libya, where you went to help with the words “Ottoman Balance”, you saw the whole neighborhood taking a position against you.

Because the war was for ENERGY-MONEY-POWER!

Both the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia are the result of this equation. And just like the MEDITERRANEAN problem, it will not be solved on the table.

It cannot be solved !

Look, the day before, the member states of the European Union prepared a law that would prevent their companies from being bought by American and Chinese businessmen.

This law, which was prepared to block the US and Chinese technology giants in Europe, was amended and all sectors were included in the list.

This meant:


While the European Union took this step, Armenia called Russia for military aid!

Then Putin called the French President Macron. He discussed the issue. The conflicting forces in the world will want to collapse Tovuz, the junction of the Silk Road, to the gas-oil bend. If the British gain power in these coordinates, they will be ahead in order to control Europe with gas and oil. Since Europe knows this, it seeks to take a step with Russia and aims to “let’s not lose this to the British”.

Will the big player USA stand idle? Of course no!

Using their power, they want to control first England and then Europe, which they see as a second-class rival. The real truth underlying the Tovuz region, namely the Azerbaijan-Armenian tension, is the Eastern Mediterranean!

Because this is the address of both wealth and future empire. Turkey’s break with the United States, falling apart and brought tensions and alliances become mandatory!

The USA will carry Incirlik in the coming days if there is no softening (which is there is not a sign like that!).

At least it will empty its inside. Its proximity with Greece is a sign of this. And probably Crete Island will be the New Incirlik. CRETE ISLAND is not a place chosen by chance either. There is both the ability to achieve the goals and the possibility to become the center of control of EUROPE!

GAS PIPELINE named EASTMED will pass through here and reach EUROPE. EASTMED aims to include the Greek part of Cyprus, the CRETE and reach Greece. Turkey, made an agreement with Libya at sea to intercept this. That was a great move. The same gas-oil war here, the smaller one is played in TOVUZ.

These are the scenes of the GLOBAL FIGHT. Turkey also rightly, as a powerful country in the region is the field where everyone’s running around.

This is what happened!


Turkey’s route will disturb at least one of probably two of the three blocks. This is the balance.

Turkey is at odds with NATO and the United States, Turkey will most likely contribute to the UK-CHINA alliance by demanding a significant share. Both Britain and China desperately need this.

If this option covers an increasingly large area, the US and EUROPE will increase the pressure in internal politics.

We will probably see this as the “DEMOCRACY SHIELD”.

Only those who oppose an alliance will instantly come together against it. While doing this, they will scratch the internal politics. Nobody could come up with, “We will carry Turkey to the European side or the US side” it will not be. But what should be known is the fact that politics is made for this purpose. Currency movements also in the implementation of the embargo are unseen. This is the summary of the conversion problems of Turkey’s presence!


Experiences and live to what the main theme is that of Turkey’s route  wants to be changed from.

Everything else is fairy tale…

Turkey is a unique country. Everyone will want to take it with them. This forms the basis of the problems. If we look at the events in this way, we will avoid being an AUDIENCE…

We understand the war that will grow even bigger.

NOTE: Istanbul’s new airport has recently received the “China Friendly Airport” certificate. Put this at the ┬árelevant place in the big equation.

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