Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD

Can you spare your one hour for me?

The man finds his 5 year old daughter at the door when he came back home. She asks her father:”Welcome, dear father. How much do you earn in an hour?” The tired man answers in a nasty voice:”It’s none of your business!””Please, father!””Why? It’s 20 dollars.””Then can you lend me 10 dollars?”The man gets very irate at his daughter: ”I have no money to spend for your ridiculous toys! Go to your room!”The little girl sadly goes to her room and closes her door.The man cannot wrap his mind around how his child spoke to him like this.After a while, he calms down. He thinks that maybe she needs it.He goes to her room and speaks to his child:”Here is 10 dollars that you wanted. I’m sorry for shouting and screaming at you before. But I’ve had a very long and tiring day.” The girl happily says: ”Thank you father!”, and hugs her father.She looks at her father’s face and takes out the money that was under her pillow and starts to count it.The man gets angry again and in an aggressive tone asks: ”Why do you want more money when you already have some?””I didn’t have enough, father.” She says her last words while she passes the money to her father:”Here is 20 dollars, father. Can you spare your one hour for me?”

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