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Caucasian Spring

The tension that started with SYRIA in the last period spread to the MEDITERRANEAN, AEGEAN, BLACK SEA and then to Azerbaijan…

A person sitting in his house may think that what is happening is pure coincidence.

We don’t have much to say to that either…

There are many, very smart people living in the world and more importantly they are connecting their minds. The result is an irresistible power. I have never looked at FICTION on names.

Names are of course important. There are also roles. This is valuable in understanding the balance.

But “WHAT WILL HAPPEN?” or “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” The answer to the questions is too complex to be explained in a few names. Azerbaijan was suddenly attacked by Armenians!

The answer was quick. Turkey rushed to help. The balance has changed. With the international power behind, ARMENIA withdrew before it could achieve its goal.

Could Armenia occupy the territory of AZERBAIJAN?

No! Can Azerbaijan erase Armenia from the map? They won’t allow it, so NO! So what is wanted to be done then?

I think that’s what we need to focus on!

Armenians would target BAKU-TBILIS-CEYHAN. They did it the day before. Silk railway was important! They also took it … But what was actually meant to be done. Before fully explaining the game of ARMENIA, KYRGYZSTAN got mixed up. ALMAZBEK ATAMBAYEV was released from prison. The elections were rejected on the grounds that parties close to President Sooronbay Ceenbekov PURCHASED VOTES The people took to the streets.

Things got mixed up. The elections have been canceled. Kyrgyzstan has set sail on a new route.

As I highlighted yesterday, everything that happened was brought to the stage by the SAME WISE, THE SAME FICTION. But we were looking at events grid by grid.. For this reason, we were missing the original fiction…

Yesterday, I explained in detail how important Kyrgyzstan is. Let’s enlarge the gear today. Let’s look at it from another window. Let’s go into another frequency. I want to continue from turbulence that will absolutely and definitely affect Turkey in the end. At least it is useful to stay on the parenthesis we opened.

Let’s look.

While describing the MEDITERRANEAN, We often emphasized the ARAB SPRING. There will be those who remember. It is the latest milestone. When the Arab Spring started in 2010, some thought the fire would go out immediately. It didn’t happen like that. It affected Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia.

And by creating great shaking in depths …

Is it true? True!

Continue then…

While the events were being discussed piece by piece, the region was actually being redesigned.

Libyan leader Gaddafi, Egyptian leader Mubarak, Yemen leader Saleh and Tunisian leader Ben Ali were dismissed. The deposed leader of Tunisia, Zeynel Abidin Ben Ali, died at the age of 83 in Saudi Arabia, where he was in exile. Ben Ali’s leaving his seat after 23 years of power as a result of the protests initiated the protests known as the Arab Spring.

The university student BOUAZIZI, who set himself on fire, was changing the destiny of the region.

Some of the overthrown leaders were also EXECUTED. The aim was the SILK ROAD back then and today. For some reason nobody was looking at this. There were obviously more important issues!

Even Rockefeller in 2014, is coming to Turkey and he stresses that he wants the mediterranean.

I think we were missing…

When we look at the ARAB SPRING, we see 4 LEADERS KILLED. One way or another they died. Muslim lands were being thrown like cotton wool, and there was no sound. Perhaps this was the most painful.

For the purposes of the ARAB SPRING, the first option was ISRAEL.

ISRAEL was required to be fully ACCEPTED in the region.

It is useful to look at Trump’s recent Quds opening like this.

For those who will move their embassies to Quds.

Serbia and Kosovo were also caught in this wind.

The USA was leading the way and countries were lining up.

However, the story would not end with Israel’s acceptance. This was the beginning!

A total of 143 politicians in countries where the Arab Spring was taking place took their hand from politics and were withdrawn.

Prime Ministers, Ministers, MPs are gone.

Interestingly, the names that were replaced gradually began to get closer to Israel.

I have no word if this is a coincidence in your opinion!


When we look today, the operation was ongoing.

What was presented as a shocking development recently? Remember!

Agreement of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Sudan and Bahrain with Israel.

Is it correct? Yes true!

Maybe not tomorrow, but it is likely that soon Morocco, Qatar, Algeria and Libya will normalize with Israel.

So what has the ARAB SPRING to do with the Azerbaijan-Armenia war or the turmoil in KYRGYZSTAN?


Let’s open…

The ARAB SPRING was the first operation for the SILK ROAD! Now is the Asian Spring.

It can also be called the Caucasian Spring…

The Azerbaijan-Armenia tension was the firing of the fuse. Then another trial was made. Kyrgyzstan.

However, it will not spread as quickly as the Arab Spring. Now we will see the Caucasus Spring as tension in Georgia, North Ossetia and Dagestan. Then, fire will rise in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. In the Asian Spring, the target will be China’s Silk Road. A fire will be lit in this region that will completely eliminate Russia’s influence. Moscow’s steps are important here.

The reason why Russian agents are increasing work in Asia is because they see the Asian Spring.

Putin’s hand is not strong here. It will not be a surprise that we meet the Asian Spring with the new year. Already reading Kyrgyzstan correctly, the Kremlin said, “MILITARY OPTION IS ON THE WAY”.

But they seem like they can’t afford it…

There is a silk road under every event from Canal Istanbul to Gaddafi, from Mubarak to Azerbaijan, from Macron to Armenia, from Pashinyan to China.

This is the main reason for the fight!

The Silk Road is the name of the great war because it contains money, energy and power.

The war that started on the day the Chinese ships were captured by Somali pirates is now at the top!

And follow it well, it will increase in intensity. Turkey is the most important, most vital, because it covers the most critical target area.


Judging from the event knowing this, it is understood that how great was the struggle of Turkey.

It is also important what China does…

Let’s watch and see…

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