Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD

Central Bank

Take a banknote and a coin from your pocket and look.
You will see the difference.
On the top of the banknotes ” Turkey Republic”, on the coins “Republic of Turkey” are written.
There’s difference between them.
Why is there difference?
Do you know why?
So be careful.
When you investigate the cause, we see global forces.
The Central Bank issues banknotes.
Iron coins are issued by the mint under the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury.
In other words, the state itself issues its coins.
Pay attention…
No central bank in the world belongs to its own state.
The Federal Reserve Bank, the Central Bank of the United States, is owned by 10 families that influence the world.
This bank issues dollar.
US President Kenedy was assassinated when he tried to link this bank directly to the state.
He was destroyed.
These 10 families have almost a great share of every country’s Central Bank including Turkey’s.
That’s how they established the order.
The British Central Bank belongs to the Rothschild family, not England.
Rothschild founded the bank against the war debt of England in the first place.
They take care of the coins in your pocket. They are ours.
But the banknotes are not ours.
Now I will tell you the most important thing.
Do you know?
According to the law, the state and its rulers have no right to intervene and manage the Central Bank of Turkey.
The monetary policy is determined by the bank itself.
And no one can interfere in its implementing the policy.
The only authority is the Central Bank.
This law was enacted by global forces.
Erbakan took a big step to take the Central Bank out of the dollar order and nationalize it.
He intervened in the bank.
They’ve eliminated him!
And Erdogan …
He began to intervene the Central Bank.
He began to criticize interest policy and management.
He even started to dismiss its manager.
This was a declaration of war!
In fact, when he made trade contrary to the owners of the Central Bank, Halkbank operation was carried out on December 17-25.
We broke the US embargo with Halkbank.
NOTE: Erdogan’s dismissal of the President of the Central Bank and his decreasing interest rates was the final straw.
The Declarers will take action. They will be in the political arena as a party.
Erdogan didn’t make anything about global economic forces’ order in Turkey.
He just created an obstacle.
And look what happened to us.
You think what happened in 7 years was party fight.
You’re wrong!
War is difficult, but warriors will not leave their homeland alone.

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