Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


Year 2023 – Great War!

For many years, wisely and with the belief of victory, the Turkish prepared for this war, will gain an advantage over the US-led coalition forces in the war.
The US and Israel will have little choice to turn the war to advantage.
Under intense pressure from Israel, it will be decided to use atomic bombs.
However, the President of the United States will think that even the threat of the atomic bomb may work and call the President of the Republic of Turkey to meet for the last time before ordering.
“First of all, empty the New York Times building, Mr. President,” the President, who accepted the meeting and listened to the threats made by the US President over the atomic bomb will say. “Because I don’t want all people to die in a building that will be destroyed in two hours.” he will add.
The President of the United States will be astonished and say; “I’m talking about destroying your cities, are you threatening me to blow up a building? ”
“No,” the President will say, “not with a single building. If you use atomic bombs there are bombs to be activated in 400 largest buildings in the some places of USA and Europe. “
Shortly after waiting for the US President to get over this situation;
“Your signal breakers are useless, because near all the bombs, we have a soldier waiting to activate the bombs manually.And do not search buildings in vain. If they are found, they will explode the bombs next to them without waiting for the atomic bomb. ” he will say and hang up.
An hour later, the US President’s phone will ring, this time it will be the President of Turkey;
He will say, “I think the building has been completely emptied, and if you take the bomb-squad out, an empty building will be destroyed, and so many lives will be saved.”
He will hang up again without waiting for the US President to answer.
When two hours are up, the New York Times building will explode with great noise.
The US and Israel will be willing to do anything. They will plan to do the perception management as saying that the atomic bomb planned to be thrown to Istanbul and Ankara corresponds to this explosion and in order to prevent the explosion of bombs in the other 400 buildings, they use the bomb. The responsibilities of huge explosions and death will be of Turkey in the eye of all over the world.
However, they will soon realize that they cannot find the environment they want.
On many international television channels, internet news sites and social media accounts hacked at the same time, the conversation between the President of Turkey and the President of the USA will be published.
All the world will understand that Turkey enables the New York Times building that blew up to be emptied, that Turkey lets this explosion and possible explosions in other 400 buildings to prevent the US to use atomic bomb, that if the atomic bomb is used, the US will be responsible.
The US will no longer have the option of using an atomic bomb.
The US and European people will fearfully go to their rulers and protest to stop this war.
The US and European governments will be forced to sit at the table and accept the terms as the losing parties.

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