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Code Red!

While the events made headlines in the world media, we shared that the invisible reason behind the GEZI PROTESTS was the MEDITERRANEAN.

About 7 years ago… While young people thought that they went to the street to protect the TREES, when they tried to enter Dolmabahçe to protect Taksim, they saw that the pizzas that were ordered from Mexico were distributed, no one would think of the MEDITERRANEAN in the square that turned into a fireball.  That would be the case anyway….

When you add those made in AFRICA and when you look at the WEST it was clear that they wouldn’t come to TURKEY for just two trees. But it was difficult to tell or understand.

TWO TREES could not be the reason why 120 FOREIGN media outlets were in TAKSIM! It could never have been.

Of course we will protect the trees. Of course, we will protect our country. But we will not put our minds aside while doing this … You see how the MEDITERRANEAN has been turned into a DEADLOCK after 7 years. Of course, the young people who went to Taksim did not know about this. They had come out with pure emotions, but someone would expect benefit from the chaos! Turkey would get a share of the treasure around the weak and falling from power.

Those who came would take a step knowing this… Our task was to think a thousand and take a step….

Let’s continue…

Very important companies of the world cannot make decisions alone.

The strongest names in the world cannot make decisions alone, either. However, there is a company in which the decision maker is in the center. Although it looks Netherlands-based, it actually has a company structure based in 198 countries. That company is active today as The Vitol Group.

The companies operating in the commodity and energy trading that the Vitol Group’s former CEO Ian Taylor, “Every country is very important. However, some countries geo-due to its strategic location in the world will always be important as long as there.. Heading the list of these countries is Turkey.

We will invest in Turkey. Turkey knows well the value of a stronger country and the region. Therefore, Turkey will always be a priority for us, “he said..

Ian Taylor made this announcement about 4 years ago. The legendary name of the company was making the emphasis that we have difficulty explaining here …

Now we are watching how much clearer today that the strategic location of Turkey.

The Vitol Group is the company that drives energy. Energy is also a more important force than weapons.

Energy is needed to make weapons. Recently, weapons were required to reach energy. This was the right approach, but we will see the efficiency of energy in the new period..

Ian Taylor, touched upon the importance of Turkey’s Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean implied. However that he was adamant in underlining how valuable underground resources in Turkey.

For this reason The Vitol Group wanted to be close to Turkey. They came and bought PETROL OFISI…

The Vitol Group, which also manages the world’s energy system board believes that Turkey is too valuable to be left alone. Because Turkey was going in a straight line for many years. This line was a balance between Washington and London. Turkey has decided to withdraw from this line in recent years.

Of course, this BREAK was not something Turkey did willingly…

From the leak of the OSLO talks to the 17-25 December operations, from the placement of INSECT in the office of Prime Minister Erdogan to the Gezi Events, from the demand for arresting the former new administrators of the MIT to the Reina raid, from the Ataturk Airport attack to the Dolmabahçe massacre, many things happened.

Turkey entered its route after all these operations. It distances itself from TWO IMPORTANT CAPITALS….

London and Washington wanted Turkey to close to their side.

The cause of all negative developments in Turkey in recent years, was leaving Ankara to keep the balance in the two capitals.

All of the political events in Turkey are based in the two countries. Of course, it is necessary to add the BERLIN factor. Turkey is forced to PARTNERSHIP. The great powers come with the offer “Let’s partner”. Indirectly.

As Turkey resists the tension increases.

It is not enough to choose one of the TWO CAPITALS. The other comes with its own axis this time. Nevertheless, Turkey has taken important steps ever unpredictable in the last year. It showed that it is the most important player on the table in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Therefore, Turkey has now become a target in Europe. Turkey determined to take more significant steps in the coming days. At least in Washington and London there is this impression.

Europe also knows this…

The MEDITERRANEAN is like a priceless DIAMOND. They will both offer partnership and attack.

It is not a small thing that Merkel invites all of EUROPE to Greece. Even the pope’s involvement in the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN…

Again, let’s go from open sources… Let’s cite an event…Henk Vietor and Jacques Detiger are important names.

They have strong networks. The Vitol Group made them strong. They are so strong that they left a giant ORGANISM…

As the dates mark the end of 2016, a very important name percolated through the door of the COMPANY. A few weeks before Donald Trump moved to the WHITE HOUSE as PRESIDENT… There were two powers at the table! One is the apparent bosses of Vitol, known as the KING OF SHADOWS, and the other is Mike Pompeo, whose name we will hear very often.

In those days Pompeo’s name was not well known. The time was approaching when Pompeo, whose name is not well known, although he was a representative of an important trend, would appear before the curtain. Pompeo respectfully made a request from the BOSSES at the table. They had a request from Russian President Putin.

In order for Putin to fulfill this request, important people had to be an intermediary. TWO PEOPLE, whom Putin could perhaps never say no to, were sitting opposite Pompeo… Pompeo got to the point…

It didn’t take too long. “We want to get Edward Snowden from Putin with your help. If you do not support it, it is not possible. Do not refuse your help,” he said…

If the names with visible faces, the bosses of the Vitol Group, asked Putin for Snowden, who was just a phone call away, he would have been taken on the plane and taken to the US borders. All this would happen at the speed of light…

But Pompeo’s request was not accepted.

Request denied!.

Nobody knows why. But Pompeo returned empty-handed.

The NSA, where Edward Snowden worked, was listening all over the world. He was not listening to a single place he could not touch or that was forbidden by ‘code red’.

That is The Vitol Group …

The company’s bosses and key executives were on the NSA’s red code list.

Even this situation was an expression of how strong the Vitol Group was.

As we shared yesterday, the VITOL GROUP IS IN the MEDITERRANEAN…

This is the biggest indicator that things will get mixed up…

A sign that the old era is over…

It is obvious that the MEDITERRANEAN will be shared.

Everyone is there.

But Turkey has a very powerful hoist the flag in the blue waters…

And it always will be…

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