Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


With the ongoing Coronavirus situation, it becomes more and more apparent that China has been the target.

The countries have begun to announce the amounts they want as compensation. The numbers spoken are incredible.

Let’s see where the result will be. It seems that they found a scapegoat.

Let’s continue where we left off.

As of 2020, there are a hundred trillion dollars of cash in the world.

Some report the number as 86, others report it as 106.

However, according to the reports of FED, approximately 100 trillion dollars are circulating in the market.

According to the latest calculations of the World Bank, the total global gross domestic product, including 198 countries, reached 88 trillion.

However, the International Finance Institute published a report a few months ago. It was announced that the global debt, the total debt of the countries, reached 250 trillion dollars.

It is said that this figure will be 500 trillion dollars in the next 5 years.

There is 100 trillion dollars of money in total, but the debt is moving towards 500 trillion dollars.

Now, the Deep State of America will establish a new order with a concept the world is still finding out about; digital currency, which is under the control of the SDR and the IMF.

Because the FED has the authority to print dollars.

However, although it seems like the IMF is in charge for today, the control of SDR also belongs to FED.

Now with a new law drafted in the U.S. Treasury Department, the control of the SDR will be completely transferred to the IMF.

The process is done.

SDR, Special Drawing Rights, is an important weapon of the Deep State.

What kind of world is waiting for us from now on?

Of course, this is what everyone is curious about! Many people have comments on the subject.

The chaotic situation that started with the Coronavirus caused anxiety for a lot of people.

Today, a society is forming that accepts health advice without ever questioning it.

In a Washington-based study, “Do you unconditionally accept the official statements of American Health Organizations against Coronavirus?”

87% of the respondents answered the question “YES”.

This question would produce similar results with minor changes to the percentages in any country.

So, people have been brought to the desired mindset.

Now nobody wants to have money on their person.

In the last 5 years, 50% of cash was pushed out of circulation with the banking system.

People accepted the situation.

SDR, also known as IMFCOIN, is a step further. A card, or a code, or a chip.

Fingerprint will play an important role in the new system. People will not carry cash anymore.

IMFCOIN will bring this change with its widespread use.

IMFCOIN is already in use today, through central banks.

The Deep State has been bringing nine very important economists together for years to turn IMFCOIN into a reality.

The nine economists delivered their final report in December 2019. Who knows, perhaps Coronavirus infected our lives in accord with the delivery of this report.

Fitch’s most important analyst, James McCormack said, “The US dollar may lose reserve money. This risk has increased significantly.

The collapse of the American trading system means that many countries have started to use their own currency in international trade. This situation shakes the throne of the dollar. China’s trading power should shift towards the United States.”

Along with Coronavirus, China was hit hard.

There will be a new trading system. Production on US soil will increase. As IMFCOIN will be indexed to the dollar in this new system, Deep States’ plan will be fully implemented.

The Deep State asked for some of the IMF loans to be distributed by this method.

IMFCOIN will be at the center of the system where cash will be completely removed within 5 years.

It will also give information about the control and identity of these people to American intelligence services.

All the data about how someone in Congo lives will be transferred to the Special Source Operation unit which is connected to the NSA with the S35 code.

NSA has prepared a special team for IMFCOIN.

This will make people easier to control.

For this to happen, a great fear like the Coronavirus had to be experienced.

Coronavirus has paved the way for this system.

Now, nations need to be brought under control.

This Washington-based system of control will be accelerated with IMFCOIN.

When 150 of the 198 countries accept IMFCOIN, the dollar will be the only reserve currency.

The dollar that is not on the market will still be the strongest.

In this way, the Deep State collapses the Euro plan of Europe.

As soon as the Euro plan begins to collapse, IMFCOIN will spread around the world much faster.

Even the richest person lists in the world will be announced as IMFCOIN. To prevent financial loss to the rich, plans are in the works for distribution of IMFCOIN among them.

In our new life, maybe not today, but very soon we will meet the reality of IMFCOIN.

Thousands of people lost their lives in the past, tens of thousands of people fought for survival in intensive care units, hundreds of millions of people closed their homes.

Many lost their jobs.

Of course, although it had positive results such as cooling the world and regaining nature, the target was the economy.

Because the US could not go on with this debt.

Let’s see what will happen on the Chinese front.

Would we be surprised to see that when the Corona is gone, we are left with the coin?

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