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Covid-19 After-Effects on McLean’s Mansions: Now Only a Former Factory for US Presidents

Very interesting developments are taking place. The US media is focusing on issues that are hard to believe. They are stirring topics they did not dare before.

They are exploring dark places.

One cannot help but be surprised.

The things we wrote about earlier to fill parantheses are making unseen headlines now, even though all of us are unaware.

It is extremely important for us because it affects the whole world.

Those who go to Washington would know that the Potomac River divides the city in two.

If you go across from Georgetown, you can head towards the CIA headquarters.

It’s a ten minute trip. Here, the region where the center of the CIA is located rests on McLean, where the world’s most valuable houses are located.

This region is like the heart of the world. Residents and guests of McLean would fill volumes upon volumes, it cannot be explained here.

Let’s leave it at that, but be mindful of it as a paranthesis.

There have been 45 presidents in the United States to date. The last President Donald Trump talked about the Deep State in 2017. He talked about something that no American president has ever dared to talk about before. The fact that JF Kennedy was assassinated just 49 days after saying “The Deep State is not as strong as I am” is all the proof needed to see that Trump is taking a serious risk.

As a Masonic capital, Washington is full of secret codes and connections.

After talking about “Deep State” in 2017, Trump challenged The Deep State 23 times. Trump has risked assassination. He has repeatedly risked putting his entire family in harm’s way. Few people wrote about it, but it’s the truth.

He had forgotten about a certain fact, however. In the US, which candidate wins the presidential elections are decided in the mansions of McLean. The campaign promises, votes, speeches… in fact, the whole campaign means nothing.

The US would never leave such things to chance, let alone the people.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump… All the presidents of the United States who resided in the White House for the last 40 years have found out that they would win the presidency in a certain mainsion in McLean a few months before their elections took place.

Comfortably large landlots, luxury vehicles parked before grand houses, all the sleek and subtle security that technology can provide; McLean’s mansions are impregnable fortresses in the heart of the US, and the smallest of them belong to Dick Cheney. That fact alone should explain the scope of the power sphere that reside in McLean.

Anyone important enough to be a candidate knew about that certain mansion in McLean where they would be given the presidency a few months before the elections.

That certain mansion in McLean was demolished last month.

The mansion where the family who ran The Deep State of America resided is gone now. Nobody knows why it was demolished.

There has been a “deep” coup in the United States of America. The Deep State has been moved, shifted. Perhaps it has shifted in power, too; this was one of the most important things that happened in the background during the coronavirus crisis.

And we were not told.

A new era is beginning.

The fall of the House of the Deep State is proof that the United States has undergone a change in strategy. A fast, sharp change.

That mansion in McLean loved wars. In the 40 years, conflicts such as Argentina-England Falkland War, Soviet-Afghan, Iran-Iraq, Croatian war, Bosnian war, Kosovo war, two Gulf operations, Arab Spring were formulated by the mansion.

This great power held by this family, this mansion, this Deep State has changed hands. They have been replaced. The new holders of this power don’t want to start a war.

It would have been easy to start a war.  US soldiers would be hit by a missile in the Stait of Hormuz, and the US Navy would blame Iran. More missiles would be launched from Iran, aimed at other nations, and war would start. This wasn’t necessary for now. All that was required was economic chaos. The virus option was more viable than war. It was a pre-prepared plan, and all it took to put it in motion was an operation that took minutes. And so, a virus was released in Wuhan, it spread to China, and then to the whole world.

In fact, it did not spread only from Whuan, but the details don’t matter much. The outcome was more important, and the United States was moving towards its planned outcome.

Those who do not accept the change are replaced. Perhaps this power, the Deep State, which grew more and more exhausted since the Reagan period, was the biggest obstacle to the United States and its plan for the new world. If we look at the results, we can infer that a new Deep State has replaced the old one.

Now, we have Deep State of America; brand new, updated to be fully compatible with new technology.

It is very costly to send warships across the oceans, to fly bombers and carry out massive massacres. Or using terrorist organizations to change the system. These methods have already been so many times. By now, everyone knows Washington’s ties to terrorist organizations. From now on, terrorist organizations will be used for local operations.

If a virus can change fundamental systems on a global scale, then there is no need for wars or terrorist organizations.

However, it is not possible to completely destroy these patterns of war. Viruses cause serious damage to economy. The economic destruction of Coronavirus exceeded 40 trillion dollars.

So the cost of the operation is low, but the results are very destructive.

Continuous use of viruses also have other risks; it’s not easy to manage societies with psychological damage.

Currently, people are prone to follow orders because of the virus. However, several outbreaks in a row can cause dissent, societal disintegration, and acts springing from fear and self-preservation on a mass scale. Therefore, an epidemic that is as effective as Coronavirus is unlikely to happen soon. One pandemic was more than enough. We should closely examine what the destroyed House of the Deep State has been replaced with! The world might focus less on weapons of war from now on. We are in a period where the foundations of systems established after WWII are being shaken.

A great change is at the door, for everyone and everything. They started changing from within. We must cooperate, and understand this new frequency.

Especially the money.

One thought on “Covid-19 After-Effects on McLean’s Mansions: Now Only a Former Factory for US Presidents

  1. It means that Corona actually exists. But there are the news that there is no Corona virus. Everything is drama. The deaths due to are fake. They are putting the people with normal flu in ventilators resulting in the collapse of their alveoli, causing death. Also Bill Gates is paying approx 39000$ for each death. This will continue until not only people but nations would ready to buy vaccine for this. That vaccine having microchips in it would cause infertility & such people would be controlled easily via 5G systems & so on…
    I would like you to please search on it more deeply & share it with all.
    JazakAllah khair.

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