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There is a WAR from Felix Sater to Tevfik Arif, from Ivanka Trump to Putin, from Putin’s Rabbi Berel Lazar to Abromovic, from Dasha Zhukova to ex-FBI Director James Comey, from diamond king Lev Leviev, Trump Tower, from Kushner to Specially Authorized Attorney Mueller.

Remember in Obama’s time many RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS and AGENTS were expelled from the US …

Trump put an end to this. He took Putin to the skies.

He saw Merkel as PARIAH.

He didn’t even shake her hand at the White House …

A PRIVATE JEWISH POWER that previously occupied an important place in the world balance was now undesirable in the Biden-Merkel line.

This was causing a fight …

Trump gathered his supporters in Washington on the morning of January 6th.


Then, naturally, that crowd raided the CONGRESS BUILDING.

There is serious talk in the USA that RUSSIA is behind this guidance.

The names I have written for days are the known players of this line.

There is much more …

As this is known deep within the US, Biden responded as soon as he took office.


He was ahead of the times, not behind.

Both a response to the congress raid and a step to shake Putin had to be taken.

MERKEL, who was the most delighted leader of Biden’s arrival, was also ready.

Opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, who was poisoned in the plane, was therefore sent to Russia.

There was an important point that has been overlooked here.

An opponent was on the stage who flew in ECONOMY class to MOSCOW!

They wanted to get the same result with Navalny, just as the BOLSHEVIC REVOLUTION of 1917 was realized by LENIN, who came to Russia by train.

That was the purpose.

The same was now true of Aleksei Navalny, just as Lenin came from Europe with the support of the GERMANS …

However, both times and conditions have changed.

The YOUTUBE, the greatest power of the US Army, stepped in immediately.

As soon as Biden arrived at the White House, LINE, living through Germany, came to life.

While Navalny could not find a few thousand fans even if he would work so hard, he found more than 70 million volunteers with a VIDEO.

At least the PUTIN OPPOSITION gathered the mass under an umbrella.

This was the final stage of the war …

While Putin thought that his place was solid with his STATE power, acting with the philosophy of “NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING TO ME”, a VIDEO has gathered millions.

People were on the streets.

This was just the first session …

While Trump came to the White House with the elections in 2016, there was the claim that


This turned into a FILE.

Prosecutor Mueller prepared a 448-page file.

It took 2 years.

Trump was not purged, but there was a sword on his head.

4 years have passed, this time, the USA attacked Russia, Putin and the PRIVATE JEWISH POWER acting together with the Kremlin via YOUTUBE with the video.

America, which brought Biden, did not want to see RUSSIA side by side with China.

They also had objected that they’re walking with the key country such as Turkey.

The Rothschilds captured post-YELTSIN Russia with a number of names such as SOROS, Kissinger, who were with them at the time.

For a handful of dollars, as they say.

They created the Abramovichs, who were billionaires without a drop of sweat.

They established a new system with Putin.

One leg of this PIRAMITE was in the Kremlin, the other was in the White House.

Turkey met with Russia on some issues with its own will.

This was a big disturbance for the Washington-Berlin line.

As I wrote many times before, the first target would be RUSSIA.

Biden would continue to increase this tension.

PUTIN would never be comfortable as long as Biden was in the White House.

While Putin felt so safe, ONE PALACE, ONE CASINO, ONE WEALTH were brought to the agenda and shook the country from within.

They didn’t have to be TRUE either.

It wasn’t necessary.


The Washington-Berlin line also gives us the message “Do not delay the REFORMS. Do what is necessary quickly.”

Because they want to see that we are different by separating from Russia.

For this reason, the names; Osman Kavala and Selahattin Demirtaş would always be important in Ankara.

For Canan Kaftancıoğlu, we were going to face the “Stop political and judicial harassment” issues.

The European Union would put pressure on KAVALA-DEMİRTAŞ from all channels.


It is already doing it.

This was about the place of Turkey in the world.

They both demanded REFORMS and also pointed out that they would pave the way “what if” economic and NAVALNY-like events.

There was nothing they were hiding either.

When we look inside, there was a MHP that supported the AK Party in every matter.

There was Bahçeli.

However, EUROPE showed its attitude by taking the Ülkücüler( Idealists) to the BLACK LIST for no reason.

US-EU axis wanted to take Turkey to their side but also wanted to exclude the MHP.

There were traumas happened in here Turkey such as 17-25, OSLO, July 15 and demand for the arrest of MIT’s

How would that happen?

Would Ankara’s direction return to the West completely?

If it is going to return, how would that happen?

They would say “MAKE YOUR CHOICE” to us as they hit Putin.

They were going to force it.

The fact that alliances are on the agenda and the INNOVATION movements are also indicators that we are seeking a BALANCE.

They will literally show the death so they can persuade us to malaria, by showing Russia.

They will want to.

This is what they have in mind. Let’s see what is going to happen.

There are results to be obtained by going on a very thin line.

How will Ankara shape its choice?

They do not seem to support our thesis “We will walk with the West, with Russia and with China”.

This is what is not talked about!

This preference affects everywhere from economy to media.

Let’s watch it …

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