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Digital Coup

THE WORLD BECAME unipolar AFTER the 1990s, when the Soviets collapsed.

And the USA stood out very, very much at that time.

From digital to cinema, from space studies to patent applications.

However, the USA also had a never-ending quest for the OTHER. Yesterday it was SOVIETS!

So who would be tomorrow?

Everyone was looking at the events through the glasses “China is coming, USA is ending”.

The USA, which claims to represent democracy, human rights and technology, is on the one hand, and the SOVIETS, which appear to be a state living behind closed doors, and where justice and law are alleged to be troublesome, on the other.

There was a balance that can be summarized as CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM. Today, we encounter the USA again.

On the other side, CHINA.

But is it hard to see China falling away from the Soviets, more precisely the values ​​the WEST claims to carry?

Is it difficult to say that there is a closed regime and that there are problems with democracy?

I guess not.

In the process that started with the TWIN TOWER attacks, the USA targeted CHINA as the other and enlarged it.

After WWII, they gave way to China, whom they summoned to the table.

It was a little different what they did to Japan.

It did not give the technology, information, technical infrastructure!

It LEAKED and called it theft.

And now the whole world is watching this game being played.

In between, there are wars, icon names and events that fuel the struggle.

But is there actually WAR? If so, how big? I did not see anyone who knows!

Let’s talk about the Congress Raid.

Here on Saturday, I talked about TRUMP’s relations with the Kremlin and with the NETWORK starting from there.

There was nothing unknown.

There was just not much interest here.

What I wrote that day was one aspect of the work.

So it’s one side of the coin.

Let’s look at the other side today.

Trump’s morning rally, followed by the raid of the CONGRESS, naturally made headlines in the world.

It was an extraordinary development. There were casualties.

Reactions grew like an avalanche. The tension increased.

Prof Joseph Nye of Harvard, a very important figure, sweetly summed up the situation.

“Our country has serious problems, but there is also resistance and reform capacity that saved us in the past. Still alive. In the 1960s, our cities were on fire because of racist protests. We got stuck in the Vietnam War protests. Bombs exploded in universities and government buildings. The National Guard killed students in cities. We witnessed the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Kennedy and the flames were fueled by demagogues like George Wallace. Yet within a decade a series of reforms have passed Congress, and Gerald Ford’s honesty, Jimmy Carter’s human rights policies, and Ronald Reagan’s optimism have helped us regain our appeal. Despite the problems inside, America had the power of appeal. Our capacity for civil society, self-criticism and reform was ahead. THAT WAS THE SOFT but GREAT POWER of the USA. Our culture was attractive to other countries. We had a promise of human rights and democracy. And the ability to show power on legitimate grounds made the USA the USA. Many soft power sources are separate from the government and attract others to our country despite wrong policies. Independent women, protesting minorities, Hollywood, free press, charity work by foundations, freedom of research in American universities And churches. Peaceful protests actually generate soft power. Of course, the crowd in the Congress Hall was far from peaceful. There was something disturbing about Trump’s intensification of political polarization. But this was not a coup. On the contrary, the center was retained, the institutions worked, and the certification of Joe Biden’s election continued. “

So Prof Joseph NYE says,

Of course, the raid on Congress was bad. It cannot be approved. But it also officially paved the way for Biden to become PRESIDENT. Opposition has been set”

There are many who liken the congressional raid to COLOURED REVOLUTIONS.

Although it may sound exaggerated, there are such comments.

However, the point I called the other side of the COIN was important.

Images of VIOLENCE were served with the congress raid.

Yet Trump could have found an effective way through his deputy leading the meeting, Pence and other REPUBLICANS.

He could resist!

However, the CONGRESS raid caused even the REPUBLICANTS to change sides.

The images of rebellion left TRUMP in a difficult situation.

He was the only one who could not win from the events! Biden’s PRESIDENCY was immediately registered.

Trump’s dismissal came to the fore with the speed of light.

All focuses, from Twitter to Youtube, deleted Trump.

There was a mass attack, a massacre. The loser was TRUMP! And he was prevented from being a candidate again.

The big question was this!

Who really benefited from the “chaos in the Capitol Building”? This person was definitely not Donald Trump. It would be useful to go back a little for the results to evaluate the RAID!



It was cremated on the night of February 27, 1933.

Hitler was in the minority government.

There was a general election on March 5, 1933, and Hitler was doing everything he could to take power alone.

The fire gave Hitler not only power alone but also eternal power.

Berlin is on fire, only the Dutch 24-year-old construction worker Marinus van der Lubbe was caught.

However, the letter inviting Lubbe, who did not know Berlin, was going from the POLICE.

He also responded to the invitation.

After the fire, HITLER took the stage.

He held a rally with his team over the ashes of the fire.

And established his order.

When the masses learned the truth, history began to be made.

As a result of the raid, Trump was the one who LOST only.

The great power that wanted Biden was establishing a great game.

And this fiction was working perfectly!

Knowingly or unknowingly, many people now describe where the world comes from as DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP.

True. but now? Isn’t it late?

If Trump or the power behind him fail to make a move, the world will take its final shape faster than we ever thought possible.

Like everyone else, we will talk about ashes, not before FIRE.





That’s what’s clear. Let’s watch…

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