Fri 19 Rabi Al Thani 1442AH 4-12-2020AD

Digital War

Not many people saw that we were thrown into the THIRD GREAT WAR with COVID-19.

It was an epidemic-looking war.

Wars were fought for MONEY, although we are not told. Look at history, you’ll see.

Of course there are other motivations.

But the biggest truth is Wealth and MONEY.

Reach from the CRUSADE to World Wars.

Although the masses were loaded with other emotions, the aim was to reach MONEY and wealth.

Focus on the last two great battles!

The United States of America was involved in two major wars in Europe and established its own system.

The dollar became the Sole Sovereign at the end of the war, and Washington started to rule the world from where it sat.


The table where the DOLLAR’s empire is accepted.

The DOLLAR would be minted for gold and be the boss. So it happened.

However, if you remember from the movies, post-war EUROPE was destroyed.

The USA was producing, selling, and adding money to its money.

It was giving a current surplus every year.

This was also increasing continuously.

Europe, the empire established by the United States after the war with the United Nations-IMF-World Bank and the DOLLAR began to make a sound.

Europe saw their intention to spoil the game.

The US then increased the loans first so as not to appear as a SINGLE WINNER.

It lowered the interest rates.

Then it INJECTED CAPITAL to EUROPE and JAPAN. Technology with it, of course.

The same was true for China.

But FICTION was incomprehensible, as ECONOMISTS did not spend time unraveling US politics.

The US or any other power would want to rule and win. This was the nature of the job.

The USA did this through the DOLLARS and the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS it created.

But it changed the game with President Nixon.

The DOLLAR printed under GOLD was now printed for free.

And the USA was ruling with an empire of paper, the DOLLAR. Everywhere…

Consequently, there were fluctuations such as inflation, the depreciation of the dollar, and the increase in gold prices.

Oil crises also fed this.

The USA knew best that it would not go like this.

There was a BALLOON and it was going to explode.

The pandemic was initiated before the explosion.

To switch to the new game new fiction. Let’s open a little more…

The main reason for US intervention in the Middle East or Central Asia was to control and neutralize potential rivals.

It was indispensable for a power to make changes in Global Finance self-sufficient!

There was oil and gas in the USA.

The moment it closed its doors, they would be living without needing anyone.

There was no other country like this.

Their entry into Iraq and their landing in Afghanistan were to control CHINA.

It was to maintain its patronage in energy.

By doing this, the sovereignty of DOLLAR could continue.

At least they were extending its life.


The Digital Dollar is the fastest reserve currency to integrate into the New World Order.

Yeah! Let’s go again from the Digital Dollar, which is planned to be proportional to the current strength of the dollar.

Its practice has already begun in the USA.

Exercises continue rapidly.

Whatever smart money-digital dollar-virtual currency is, it is the future!

The Federal Reserve of the United States has agreed that the Digital Currency will be the largest reserve currency in the near future.

This was not the center of the debate!

This was not what interested me.


What would be the equivalent of DIGITAL COINS?

Every country is issuing paper mines today and getting a response.

Well, if every country issued digital money as it is now, what would be the equivalent of them?

The fight, the noise, the apocalypse, the storm were breaking out here.

While we were dealing with the pandemic, there was its war on top of the world.

That was what missed.


DIGITAL MONEY could be worth gold.

It was very normal. I think it was the right option.

But Britain’s leading position in gold reserves pushed this view into trouble.

Because although the US gold reserves seemed to be the highest, the truth was not so.


This option was turned down the day it was proposed.

The team that prepared Coin-para, the most important work of the New World Order in the United States,

prepared the digital dollar against digital money.

This made the dollar a reserve currency also in digital, bringing only power to Washington.

China, Germany and France are against it. Naturally.

This is the main cause of today’s tensions.

If China had accepted this, maybe we wouldn’t have met the virus called Covid-19.

The collapse of economies has brought forward the introduction of smart or virtual currencies.

That was the plan.

Russia first adopted the digital.

Then it gave up.

Although Russia accepted it again last year, it gave up again during the pandemic process.

Now there is Moscow across from Washington.

Moscow plans to prevent the strong implementation of DIGITAL DOLLAR with Beijing.

Of course, it is clear that China’s cryptocurrency DCEP is also the biggest obstacle to the US digital player.

In the coming days, reports of the “world after the pandemic” will leak to the media.

Many important names cooperating with China will be exposed.

They started with Trump already.

This will speed up the digital money process even more.

If we don’t see Covid-19 as a digital reserve money war, we’ll have a hard time understanding its consequences and its causes.

Problems in the economy are the pains of a great transition.

This pain will increase even more.

Because the Presidential Election of the United States will determine the effectiveness of digital money.

The victory of the teams is important here, not the names.

It is necessary to focus more on his team than Trump, on his team more than Biden.

Because we see the reflections of the real conflict in different countries of the world.

We saw the DIGITAL MONEY and RESERVE MONEY war in the hostage of the daughter of HUAWEI’s boss.

In the 5G wars, we have seen the USA put even the UK in the same lane.

We saw it in China’s exclusion in 5G in EUROPE.

While the DIGITAL WAR was happening at the top, we saw its reflection as the MEDITERRANEAN crisis, the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the Syrian tension, and the Libya struggle.

The real cause of the war is THE NEW MONEY SYSTEM and WHO WILL GOVERN IT.

Russia and China are against DIGITAL DOLLARS of the USA.

This is the struggle…

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