Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

Don’t Look At The Sign

We can list many topics such as PKK, Operation Gara, Kurdish state idea, DAESH, Kobani, HDP, CHP, Assad, Al Nusra, Libya, alliances, immigration wave, armament, July 15, tapping, Biden’s arrival, S-400 debate, F-35 crisis.

Let’s try to understand the BIG BALANCE through QATAR rather than doing this.

INTELLIGENCE would be everything in the new era.

By intelligence I meant to set up a game, not to GET NEWS or GIVE.

Katerina was becoming the Russian Empress.

She was liquidating her husband Petro.

He was of German origin.

She turned his direction to the OTTOMAN.

Even the BRITISH KING wanted 20 thousand hired soldiers to use in the War of Independence in America, but the answer was “no”.

Her motivation was Ottoman.

While the wars were going on along the border, the PUGAÇEV REBELLION started inside.

It was the biggest rebellion in Russian History.

The crowds living like a SLAVE were organized against the NOBLES.

The whole country has returned to the place of fire.

Katerina has always looked for the FOREIGN finger in the back for these riots.

It was the OTTOMAN effect she was looking for.

Their commanders said “None.”

However, she never believed it.

She thought that Kazakh Pugachev was ruled by the Ottomans INTELLIGENCE was such a thing, the art of holding the opponent with different hinges and, if possible, destroying.

Our agenda is GARA.

Again, intelligence is at its center.

So what was the balance? What was going on?

Here’s the answer to this through QATAR.

Qatari Sheikh Temim was a graduate of the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

Just like the King of Jordan, Sultan of Oman, King of Bahrain, Emir of Kuwait, Emir of Dubai and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Tamim became SHEIK as a result of his brother CASIM’s renunciation and his father’s surrender of power on a live broadcast.

Qatar was England’s warmest, most sincere partner in the MIDDLE EAST.

Although they were influential with the Saudis, the US was involved there.

They were not alone.

When the AK Party came to power, trade was only 26 million dollars between Turkey and Qatar.

In later years, Turkey was breaking away from the United States, was moving into another lane and was finding Britain’s most exclusive supporter of Qatar.

Buckingham was opening a new page in the GLOBAL sense and starting a new game.

From Beijing to Ankara, Doha to London.

The reality underlying Qatar’s extension from BORSA ISTANBUL to TANK PALLET FACTORY was the economic support against the USA.

Turkey’s cooperation between the two countries has progressed to set up a base there.

The convergence of the two countries was causing unhappiness in the US-controlled capitals.

Therefore, an embargo was coming to QATAR.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt were showing their colour and blocking Qatar.

There was the USA in the back.

These countries were first saying, “SHUT THE TURKISH BASE”.

The Muslim Brotherhood demanded an immediate cessation of relations with organizations such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Fatah al-Sham.

Britain was influential in Russia through oligarchs, Qatar, and China.

It was the playmaker!

This is why the US was against the RUS-EUROPE rapprochement in NATURAL GAS.

One step later, he saw that London would be very influential in the EU through Russia.

Because the USA knew this, it was angry with NORTH STREAM-2 and was driving the EAST MEDITERRANEAN gas and its alliances to the field.

It wanted to stop the UK, which would go its own way with BREXIT, in its own alliance.

Israel-Greece-Egypt-Greek Cyprus-Crete were taking the steps.

They were polishing Greece to break this balance.

In other words, even though it was the PKK sign that we encountered in GARA, it was actually the regional policies and support of the USA.

Although Trump wanted so much, he could not be effective in the region.

Biden would do the opposite.

We do not know, but that line to SYRIA and the MEDITERRANEAN was more valuable than we thought.

Turkey and the PKK, forget for a moment!

If the USA dominated that region, it would end the fairy tale of the MIDDLE EAST OF THE BRITISH.

In the opposite case, the USA would be wiped out.

Turkey therefore very, very important.

The Kaşıkçı murder, What was the reason of Saudi Princes were filling into the Ritz Carlton Hotel?

This coup was the scene of the US-BRITISH WAR!

While strategic partnership with the United States, Turkey wasn’t hurt, the initiative process was coming.

This was the reflection of the warm relationship between Ankara and Washington in the region.

Consequently, the game plan was broken in England.

When relations derailed and the strings broke, naturally policy change took its place.

There was nothing incomprehensible.

The preference of the S-400s, the opening of the doors to Qatar, being pushed away from the F-35s were the results of the GLOBAL POLICY.

That is why, after the GARA Operation, while the US spoke “IF”, Britain and Russia were giving unconditional support.

The sides were clear!

For those who know how to see.

Evaluate internal politics as such.

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