Sat 14 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 31-10-2020AD


The late 1960s.Silopi had become a district in April of that year.While the Governor of Silopi District, Gendarmerie Commander of the district, (The Captain) Judge, Prosecutor and Doctor were chatting, they started to talk about electricity and then about Edison.
The Governor:- “I think Edison must go to heaven.Look, the electric that he invented are lighting the roads, houses.” The captain immediately joined the conversation:- “Of course he will go to heaven, the mosques are lighted,everyone can read the Quran under the light.” While this discussion was going on, Doctor said:- “Let’s go to Cizre.There is a Mufti named Mahmut Bilge there.I have heard that he’s very wise, let’s ask him”, he said. They got in the car, they came to Cizre, the Mufti’s office.
They introduced themselves. The mufti efendi said “Come inside”.They sat down and Judge:- “We have a question, Mufti.Will Edison, the inventor of electricity, go to heaven? or …” The Mufti interrupted:- “Let’s have a coffee first. We can talk later.” While the coffees were being prepared, they talked about different things.After this conversation, the Mufti returned to the Captain and said:- “My captain, do you have a troop at the Habur Customs Gate?”The Captain said:- “Yes.” The Mufti continued:- “Let’s suppose that Edison will enter Turkey from Iraq.Your guard soldier on the bridge will ask for his passport.Edison can show his identity card and he can say:- I’m the inventor of electricity. The world knows me.I don’t need a passport. Soldier will say:- “That’s the law, you can’t enter. Edison can push the soldier and say:- Get out.” The Captain got angry, before the Mufti could finish this conversation, he said:- “The dishonest Edison! Who does he think he is?He doesn’t have a passport and he’s insulting the soldier.He can’t pass without a passport.” The Mufti returned to them and said:- “Edison cannot enter Turkey from Iraq without a passport.How can he go to heaven without passport?The passport of heaven is Laa ilaaha illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah.Gentlemen, no one can go to heaven unless this is accepted.”

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