Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD

Encoded Authority Gap

The US and the Zionist lobby demanded an authority gap in 4 countries within 6 years. Pay attention.
Turkey was included. In the last 6 years, a big “authority gap” was aksed in Turkey.
In this authority gap Turkey would keep to itself.
Meanwhile, Turkey wouldn’t be interested in outside, the PYD corridor would be transported to the Mediterranean Sea with the support of the US and Zionist lobby.
Meanwhile, Turkey would have a great civil war erupted resulting from the authority gap.
Finally, NATO and the US would intervene and establish the order that would help to create Kurdistan in Southeastern Turkey.
Turkey which had the authority gap wouldn’t handle this. But something very important happened.
And the state made its biggest move in history. It quickly started the “presidential” system against all dirty games and declared “authority”..
This was the biggest move against those who wanted to create an authority gap and destroy the state. The state made the decision. Actually, the state you don’t see. The state did this with the help of Erdoğan.
Remember, at times like this, authority gap leads to destruction.
There was the same situation behind Sultan Abdulhamid and Yavuz Sultan Selim’s declaring authority. Pay attention now.
As a result of the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections, Erdoğan was selected as “President“. But the AKP has lost a majority in parliament to pass laws.
However, the majority were obtained with MHP deputies.
Erdoğan became “President” and Bahçeli became “State”.. That was the second biggest move. It meant this:
FETÖ, PKK and other puppet elements threatening the state would be stopped.
This wouldn’t be enough. The PYD corridor, which was intended to be extended to the Mediterranean, would be prevented by the Operation Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch.
This situation made the US and NATO forces uneasy. Mr. Devlet got again involved in a critical process.
Remember that the first threat of the US before the Operation Peace Spring was for Bahceli.
US Embassy liked the negative situation about Bahceli’s health condition on twitter. The message was to the state via Bahceli.
When the authority gap was removed, the new plan was “from authority to operation”..
If there is a state, is not there an independent “deep structure” that is responsible for protecting the survival of this state? Bahceli is the tip of the iceberg.
“What made you do politics?” the journalist asked Bahceli:
“Turkish revolutionaries spirit” he said.
Turkish revolutionaries was founded to fight during the attack destroying the state.
Bahceli was also a person trained by the state’s deep mind.
This is only a small part of the “big picture”.
The subject’s always detailed. There’s so much to tell. In this process of resistance, let us give credit of Devlet Bahceli.
Let’s conclude with the words of Devlet Bahceli:
“My brothers of Kurdish origin, America cannot love you more than us.”

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