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We think that Turkey was the first country to be tested. But the TEST was different, even though people were shown the reason for the HELP, albeit for other reasons.

The Blue Marmara would reach GAZZE under the leadership of charity foundations.

The year was 2010…

For this purpose, they made their way. The ship was stopped 80 miles from Israel.

Civilian people were killed.

Relations between Turkey and Israel become more nervous and further strained than years gone by.

Erdogan, who was the PRIME MINISTER at the time, reacted to Israeli President Shimon Peres and moderator David Ignatius at the World Economic Forum in DAVOS and ended the meeting.

This was followed by the BLUE MARMARA ATTACK ….

Let’s continue… A short time passed and rare events were taking place.

The ARAB SPRING, It started with a university student setting himself on fire in Tunisia and  the countries were shaking.

The leaders were being overthrown.. Street protests that started in Tunisia were shaking the

ARAB WORLD. Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, especially Tunisia, were shook.

Leaders such as Gaddafi and Mubarak were purged. After Mubarak, there was initiated an incredible closeness between Turkey and Egypt. As leader, Mursi did his best to make the two countries act as ONE SOUL. It didn’t take long.

Chief of Staff SISI stepped in. He lowered Mursi. He came himself. Began skidding into seperate camps with Turkey. Mursi came to power through an election in 2012 but a year later was beaten down by soldiers. 2013 was already a very interesting year to understand…

GEZI EVENTS was making trouble in the streets and the world media was setting up a headquarters for TAKSIM.

They were fueling the fire with fake news saying “Civilians were getting shot”

At that time, there were not many people who said “Look at the Mediterranean, not TAKSIM”.

The aim was to dissolve the power inside and to seize the MEDITERRANEAN. We did not understand…

2013 was not limited with the GEZI EVENT. For example, the 2013 USA trip was the milestone.

Erdogan and Obama were meeting in the RED ROOM, taking the heads of intelligence with them.

After this peak, the tension didn’t decrease at all…

Relations were breaking. GEZI EVENTS started after that trip.

The USA side which has only a small commission would recommend to Turkey for Iraq and the Mediterranean..

Turkey was the largest and most powerful country in the region but in the RED ROOM, only 3 PERCENT was offered. So this was unacceptable.

And it didn’t. Thereupon, stones were laid on the road leading to December 17-25.

When the preparation was complete, it messed up. Turkey was going through the most turbulent days of political history.

The attack was very, very violent…

Turkey’s tough and resolute attitude continued with more operations. If we engage in terrorist acts, this corner is not enough.

Therefore, we go with important little notes that are remembered…

A short while later, this time the bad news came from MOSUL. Our consulate was raided and 49 people were taken hostage. The crisis lasted for days. There was DAESH! Obviously, someone had referred the operation to them. Fortunately, the hostages survived, contrary to the allegations.

Turkey took a deep breath. Later, the course of events continued until 15 July.

Turkey lived in a couple of years with events that a country in the West would witness every 100 years. We were shaking. We couldn’t breathe.

But we were not falling ….

After all this, Israel-Egypt-Greece-Greek Cypriot side and the European Union were coming together.

The United States was already showing up in the MEDITERRANEAN with its companies.

The game had changed, and each player wanted to push TURKEY to the lane.

This was the ROUGH FIGHT.

But come and see, there were many people who insisted on not understanding…

Continue … Let’s look at the MEDITERRANEAN now through COMPANIES…

Arms companies and energy companies, the Mediterranean plan is now being felt more and more.

The world’s top arms selling countries…United States of America and Russia..

These two countries are followed by England, Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy.

Arms companies and energy companies also represent those countries in some points.

For example, the United States of America followed a much more effective path, rather than making  loud statements for the MEDITERRANEAN. And as of late JULY, they announced that a significant portion of Noble Energy was sold to CHEVRON.

And then the task of protecting  NOBLE and CHEVRON was announced.

Something even more interesting happened.

While ExxonMobil also wanted to be a big player in the Mediterranean, the force behind the curtain  prepared two carriers for Noble Energy and Chevron rather than ExxonMobil.

Theodore Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman for Noble Energy, and if something goes wrong with Chevron,  it will spawn in the natural gas and oil basins in the Mediterranean that week. Britain also prepared the warship for the Mediterranean company Shell.

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden visited Queen Elizabeth II 3 weeks ago at Windsor Castle.

Beurden requested the Queen to have HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean.

The Queen accepted this with pleasure.

The date that the US Geological Survey implied that companies in the Mediterranean would see the war was 2014.

After 6 years, we see that companies have reached the power to start a war in the region if necessary.

The real problem for the region is the conflict between the USA and the UK. Noble Energy, Chevron and Shell parceled in the Mediterranean in 2014.

But BP’s objection further increased the confusion, with Italian Eni and French Total on the side of BP.

Now, Turkey has in the Mediterranean.

BP, Eni and Total, wanted to agree with Turkey. Due to Parcel 7 problems in the Eastern  Mediterranean last year,

Turkey had reacted strongly. BP, Eni and Total, stopped exploration activities in the parcel 7 with  Turkey’s objections. But the views we see in the new period, there will not be a partnership with Turkey ..

This paves the way for further increasing tension in the region. It is now highly probable that many aircraft carriers will head towards the Mediterranean and become permanent.

Think of the COMPANIES and the COUNTRIES behind it …

“Turkey should not be around,” everyone is attacking for years..

It is not difficult to understand.

Even if it seems like GREECE who is at the forefront, they actually have no power and no rights …

When we look at the event more broadly, the picture becomes clear when we add the events one after the other.

For those who want to see ….

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