Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD


Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled a country in Africa. The King, from early childhood,grew up with a friend and they never left each other’s side, wherever he went, he took him with him.
The King’s friend had an unusual habit. When something happened to him or anyone else,whether it was good or bad, he always came to the same conclusion and said:
– “Everything happens for a reason.”
One day the king and his friend went hunting together.The king’s friend loaded the rifles, passed them onto the King for firing during the hunt.But it seemed that his friend made a mistake in loading the rifles as when the King fired from one of the them,it mis-fired and exploded taking off the King’s thumb completely.
His friend, who saw the situation, said in his usual manner:
– “Everything happens for a reason.”
The King was screaming and shouting in pain and anger:
– “No, no, there is no reason! Can’t you see? My thumb has been completely taken off.” And then he threw his friend in a dungeon because he was so angry.
A year passed by and the King was hunting with several men in a region where the man-eating tribes lived, and they were caught by one of these tribes.The cannibals who captured them took them to their villages. They tied their hands and feet and put wooden logs in the square of the village.Then they tied them to metal poles and placed them in the middle of the wooden logs.
They were about to start firing up the wooden logs, when they realized that the King had no thumb.Because of their superstitions, this tribe did not eat people who had missing limbs.They believed that if they ate such a person, evil omens would come to them.With this fear, they untied the King and released him. Instead they cooked and ate another man.
When the King returned to his palace, he realized that he was saved because of his broken thumb.He regretted treating his friend so badly for so many years. He ran to the dungeon andhe told his friend the events that had just happened to him.
– “You were right!” he said. “There really was a reason for my thumb being blown off”.That’s why I apologize for keeping you in the dungeon for so long.What I did was a very unfair and not justful.”
– “No.” his friend responded.”Everything happens for a reason.”
“What are you saying, for Allah’s sake?” the King yelled in surprise. “What could be the reason for keeping my friend in a dungeon for a year?”
His friend responded:- “Imagine, if I wasn’t in the dungeon, I’d be hunting with you, wouldn’t I? And you can guess the rest……..”

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