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Financial Operation

Stretch back to the year the AK Party came to power in 2002.Think about it, is there a period where we spend 1 month without anything?

Listening, tapes, assassinations, bombs, raids, political operations, divisions, polarization, goal and target changes, dissolved alliances, new alliances…

A great distance has been covered from the Council of State assassination to December 17-25, from the Atatürk Airport raid to the Reina attack, from the Gezi events to July 15. Turkey suffered great pains. However, Turkey did not turn back. Progressed.

Turkey walked with its purpose, knew how to walk. Overall the hands of the three axes such as the US-EUROPE UNION-BRITAIN was in the Turkey. It has been like this for a very long time. The situation was not different before the Republic Era.

Three major formations wanted to go through Turkey and Middle East for gas, petrol and money. But there was a close relationship focussed to these THREE BIG powers in Turkey. It was extremely natural. Some wanted to go to USA, some Europe and England and get a stronger PAY in the world…

Thus, Turkey was coming to the center of the state of war on the world of the trio. There was no escape from this either. Coups, economic operations, juntas were already like destiny for this reason. Each power to imagine a Turkey who was working on its own axis and also inside for it. Over the years, there were many politicians doing POLITICS without knowing this. Those who knew were not absent. The situation was not different in the MILITARY…

MADANOĞLU was side by side with the British. Perhaps Kenan Evren did not see the AMERICANS on September 12, he did not know it, but I do not think Şahinkaya did not know. In 1960 and 1971, Satvet Lütfi Tozan (KNOWN AS THE LEGEND NAME) was in the blows… He was James Bond!

It was he who did the fiction!

Satvet Lütfi was Prince Sabahattin’s closest friend, his mentor and his gateway to the world!

So the FIGHT was not new. It has been like this since the OTTOMAN. Turkey would not end well for this even to be in this region.

Let’s come to today.

Many concerned uninterested people are waiting for the US election in NOVEMBER!

I don’t know why but they are waiting! Funny…

In great powers like the United States, the people vote, the state counts!

So Biden or Trump doesn’t matter much. The real question is, what does DEEP AMERICA want to do?

We are not interested, but an operation was carried out with the name of the FinCEN documents! What is FinCEN?

The abbreviation of the Financial Crimes Investigation Network in the USA…

This is the attack we’ve seen similar ones before! Economic looking political attack!

Judging by the roughly leaked documents, Russian financial movements of oligarchs are seen. All the work that the USA finds objectionable has been done through British Banks, Barclay and Standard Chartered at HSBC are also involved.

A line from Rıza Sarraf to Abramovich and from him to Arkady Rotenberg, Putin’s confidant, was revealed. 2 trillion dollars of traffic between 2000-2017 was revealed. There will be those who remember. Previously, documents belonging to one or two organizations with the name of PARADISE-PANAMA-SWITZERLAND-LUXEMBOURG DOCUMENTS were leaked. This was different. Global operators were being questioned here. Previously leaked documents included signs such as Offshore account advisor Appleby, legal consultancy firm Mossack Fonseca.Now oligarchs and British banks were targets. Generally, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY was the target… So what was going on?

There was great struggle inside the United States.

MAIN STREET and WALL STREET were at war. The families that make America to AMERICA think that WALL STREET stole 100 trillion  DOLLARS. Therefore, the pincer is felt everywhere there. HSBC was the main target!

And statesmen who knowingly or unknowingly took part in this $ 100 trillion operation. The Walton Family, Koch Family, Mars Family, MacMillan Family, DuPont Family and Duncan Family asked Wall Street to pay $ 100 trillion. HSBC did not give the money, replied:

WE STAND BY CHINA! In other words, FIGHT and WAR were between LORD OF MONEY.

And no country could stay out of it… Trump or Biden?

There is no difference between the two! BECAUSE THE BOSS IS THE KOCH FAMILY!.

Before Trump came to the White House before he was elected, the KOCH family gave the following answer to the question whether you support “Trump or Hillary”.

“One is a heart attack and the other is cancer. We have ways to combat a heart attack …”

The power and reason that paved the way for the White House with the database they established with Facebook, which has unlimited support for Trump, said this. Biden’s right-hand man is also a member of the Koch family, and so is Trump. No difference. We need to take care of that what are these guys doing in this region.

FAMILIES making up DEEP AMERICA are fighting UK-based families.

In order not to get caught up in the Silk Road. The nodal point of this business in the MEDITERRANEAN. The British oligarchy will conquer China, build a new world over 65 countries and end the USA. Seeing this, DEEP AMERICA is in the Mediterranean to respond.

Deep America, headed by the Kochs, aims to protect both money, energy and empires by designing first Nato, then the Middle East, then the Mediterranean.


In other words, neither Greece nor Egypt nor the Greek part are even extras.

WAR is inevitable if MAIN STREET cannot get what it wants, the MONEY! They just won’t enter directly!

But I think it is enough to look at the alliances they have formed to see that the preparations are in this direction.

The last FinCEN operation was nothing more than the statement “WE KNOW EVERYTHING YOU DO”.

Never see Covid-19, NATO ME, FinCEN and next events apart from each other!

Let’s hope things are resolved at the table.

Look at the political movements inside too! Nobody starts a party because they are bored. Other than that, you cannot read the movements in EXCHANGE…

The war is big, very big…

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