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No one knows much around here. I guess not much interest.

However, the instruments used by the great powers in the global war are important. Washington recently implemented something it had never done before. It gave endless assurance to its companies operating in the field of energy in the Mediterranean and Eurasia. The coordinates that Washington wanted to be determined with determination was the geography we were in at the center.

We can go from several channels, from several frequencies. All of them are important to convey the subject. But just looking at the economy is enough to get a topography of the fight.

Look at IRAN! Look at Russia! Look at Turkey!

Three major players in the EURASIA-CASPIAN-MEDITERRANEAN triangle. There is a noticeable loss of value in national currencies in all three countries. Turkey is the best country that fended off. Iran is officially destroyed. Ruhani called out to the US recently and cried out, “Enough, leave us. What do you want from us. We are sunk…”

The IMF did not give the figure it said it would give. The shaking continues in Iran.

While TL and Iran RIAL were in the same position against the DOLLAR, TL moved from approximately 4 to 8. The Iranian Rial (Division) jumped to 30. The situation was not very good for the rubleeither.

The RUBLE also lost value after the attacks. A balance of 1 dollar is equal to 80 rubles.

While 1 dollar was 20 rubles, it exceeded the 80 threshold.

So the shaking was great…

In the global balance, the pressure was high in the coordinates that Washington wanted to speak to. Inward pressure is put on the local currency and target countries are asked to change their route. As we shared yesterday, the United States of America is a country that acts as a message for Russia and does not want it to carry China to Europe and Europe to China.

It intends to implement the plan to keep China alive as a production monster and doom it to its own market. Let’s move forward with an important name. Probably everyone knows about Zbigniew Brzezinski’s approach to Eurasia.

However, Zbigniew Brzezinski also has an opinion about Azerbaijan which is little known but always repeated on important tables.

Brzezinski said, “Azerbaijan does not have very large lands. It does not have a very strong army. But it has very large energy deposits. It is in a geo-strategic position. If Russia’s influence over Azerbaijan increases, this will cause Central Asia to be completely out of American control. This paves the way for the Silk Road to proceed,

leaving Washington out. Armenia is the most important trump card of the USA. “Maybe not today, but for the Silk Road project, the region will be mixed up,” he said.

I guess I don’t need to cite who Zbigniew Brzezinski is. The preparation for confusion and war was made long beforehand. It is useful to look at the work done by the USA under the umbrella of NATO in the Baltics from this perspective. Washington does not want Russia in the oil game and trade route around the Caspian Sea. This is about the future of Eurasia.

Because the most important of the 5 strategic points determined by the United States in the world is the Mediterranean, the other is Eurasia. The United States has a military presence in perhaps over 100 countries. However, the increased mobility in these areas can be seen even with the naked eye.

The result of this is the “Washington guarantee” for the first time to American companies that will operate in the energy field in Eurasia and the Mediterranean.

The meaning is this:

As long as the United States exists, you won’t be hurt in any way. Neither Apple, Microsoft, nor Google were given such an assurance.


Washington is at the center of the tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Likewise, we see Washington now making its presence felt in the Mediterranean. In the CIA’s Eurasia report, “The” Western “tendencies of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia have increased in the last 5 years.

However, Russia has recently begun to regain its former influence has been noted.

China supports Russia in this regard. One of the major reasons for the tension between Washington and Beijing is Eurasia. China cooperates with Russia in Eurasia. Beijing does not hide that the Silk Road will rule the entire Eurasian geography. With the promise of “win win”, Beijing wants to become the most important power in Eurasia with the support of Russia. That’s why the Silk Road is very important.

We should consider the first missile launched from Armenia to Azerbaijan about 2 weeks ago as the most effective ammunition Washington sent to the Silk Road.

Unlike Iran in the face of Washington’s microphone has no direct negative definitions related to Russia and Turkey.

They are trying  to come with Financial Operations in order not to confront the Russian and Turkish people and not to froth anti-Americanism.


RUSSIA, which contradicts the USA with its geographical area and influence, is the first target. Their longstanding policies are already there. They come from the north of Africa and the Middle East to erase the Russian footprint.

It’s time for the CAUCASES.

Armenia and then mixed Kyrgyzstan are signs that Russia’s serious tests have begun. Turkish troops has been attacked in Syria, While Turkish delegation was kept waiting in Moscow, the Kremlin’s next  biggest trump card, was again Turkey.

Putin also lived and learned this. Kremlin alone cannot stop the storm in the Caucasus.

It cannot rule over EURASIA alone. They have no such chance.

Focus on the last few years!

While world centers such as London-Istanbul-Berlin-Paris-Brussels were shaken by terrorism,

CHINA never experienced this.

Why is that? The USA, which never scratches China’s ethnic structure, has targeted the countries Beijing has approached. Russia was at the top of the list. Turkey was the target.  Washington would agree with Beijing in the final and march. They made it feel. However, Dagestan-Chechnya and Turkic Republics would be mixed.

There were also coups in the plans. Some regimes were in direct range. You see!

President of Kyrgyzstan Ceenbekov signaled his resignation.

“I am ready to quit as soon as the country is on legal ground,” he said.

Those who took Almazbek Atambayev out of prison also canceled the elections. The country started to slide on the ice. But he was holding accounts for the USA. All this was to control the Silk Road and liquidate Russia, which could spoil the game.

The assurance given shows that the struggle focused on the MEDITERRANEAN and EURASIA will jump.

Russia is not in the MEDITERRANEAN!

However, they will take the war there. They’ve already started though. Those who shot down the plane carrying the Red Army choir, those who started an armed conflict at the FSB headquarters, those who shot Karlov, those who hit the Russian air base in Syria with Drones will come again.

Turkey challenge to USA by sending S-400 to Sinop.

This is the other side of the coin…

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