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First Sign

I see that many people still think that each country acts on its own and thus protects its interests. Such a thing is not possible. Neither yesterday nor today. The world has been spinning for a very long time on the balance that is absent in books, movies, newspapers and televisions.

This was the case with the United States and the Soviets. While everyone was waiting for war to break out, they designed the world over two poles of tension. Now it becomes a similar one.

This is what we need to understand!

Will Trump stay? Will Biden come? Believe me, these questions do not matter. Not anyway. These are not DECIDING MAKERS. CLEAR! What is now is of course different!

While one power within the USA wants to be the ONLY BOSS, another force insists on “balance with China”.

This is the main cause of the current pain.

Various parts of the world were communist while balancing was struck through the Soviets.

In the current balance, a harmony will be achieved between countries similar to China and Beijing.

Those who do not resemble will also be resemble. Remember the Iron Curtain.

Half of Europe was Communist! Now it sounds like a joke, but it was like that.

Balance with stylish China that stands out today.

Therefore, Russia is the first major threat to the USA.

We have already seen this during Trump’s election.

Many names such as the dismissed FBI Director James Comey, prosecutor Robert Mueller, resigned National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump’s resigned campaign manager Paul Manafort and the prominent lawyer Marc Kasowitz in the investigation came and went.

All of them performed for the TRUMP-RUSSIA connection. Some were purged, some were punished, some were cornered.

There are many names like that.

As soon as Trump arrived, a power put pressure on the WHITE PALACE, especially through his son-in-law KUSHNER.

Trump was not wanted to be good with Putin.

According to a decision made at the top, Russia would be made smaller.

Its effect would be pruned.

To prevent its ALLIANCE with CHINA…

And how many books have appeared near Trump! Remember! All were dictated by the same mind.


The main player who lost in the region with the ARAB SPRING was the KREMLIN.

It was erased from North Africa as well as from the Middle East. The real target was THE CAUCASUS …

Well, I don’t know if anyone will remember, but the first sign of this was given before Trump!

The year was 2013!

That year, these places were mixed too!

On April 15, 2013, as local time was 14.49, the BOSTON MARATHON turned into blood.

3 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured.

3 days after the attack, photographs of 2 people who were thought to be responsible for the incident were served to the media by the FBI.

The suspects were of Chechen descent.

The trail was found. Conflict broke out.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed. His brother was also captured a few days later.

It was announced that he was unable to SPEAK the last time!

2013 was the year when the top fiction of the world changed completely.

RUSSIA, which wanted to replace the SOVIETS, was not accepted.

Seeing this, PUTIN wanted to approach CHINA and be in the FICTION. However, there was constant operation.

Moscow was hurt in many places, from the Hmeymim Base to the Kremlin.

They also confronted with Turkey through Syria.

Planes were crashing, Ambassador KARLOV was killed…

It was advancing by taking us into the storm that started for Russia.

Because TURKEY was the heart of the new balance.

The storm that came to the Caucasus caught Russia in the ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN equation, which was a great predicament for them.

Pashinyan was a name close to the USA…

However, Armenia’s guarantor was also RUSSIA.

As the Kremlin soldier, it was watching us from ARMENIA.

When the war started, it was Russia who saw the wave coming to them!

After a while they were setting the table and stepping for ceasefire.

However, it had been a few minutes since the parties sat at the table then the BOMBS EXPLODED.

One force told Moscow, “You have no power. You cannot bring peace in places I am implicating.

You are the target. You have no place in the new balance.”

Russia was seesawing between two opinions

While Azerbaijan taking help from Turkey,

Israel was also taking a role and paving the way for Azerbaijanis with Technological Weapons.

ISRAELI FLAGS were visible in Baku.

The US, which supported Pashinyan, was pressing Russia through Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The design made through Israel was no secret.

With the ceremony hosted by Trump, Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan, Abdullatif al Zayani and Netanyahu were joining their hands for the new Middle East.


We understood this from BENDER bin SULTAN.

Bender bin Sultan, who condemned PALESTINE for reacting to the rapprochement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, said, “The Palestinian cause is justified, but its advocates fail;

Israel’s case is unfair, but its advocates have proven successful. This summarizes the events that took place in 75 years, “he said.

And obviously other countries were in line…

Before Armenia attacked Azerbaijan, there was another serious LEAK.

Fin-CEN documents were being published…

Was it so difficult to tie things together with such big signs!

However, 2 TRILLION DOLLARS were being pursued.

The USA wanted this money and was preparing a blacklist bank-by-bank and name-by-name.

The interesting thing is that the names on the black list were RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS…

The knot was also unraveling here.

The oligarchs who justified the unfair gains obtained in different ways were not comfortable.

And the banks taking part in this system…

The leak that started a week before Armenia’s attack on Azerbaijan was the harbinger of the war.

There was another interesting dimension.

That was Aliyev’s statement “Russia will solve the Karabakh problem”.

Aliyev’s exit was important, while Putin was squeezed from both ARIVAN and BAKU on the right and left.

But this was a statement that they didn’t want Turkey in the table.

The misfortune was also here.

If we look inside, we see that the opposition has highlighted the UIGUR CARD.

This is actually an element of the BIG BALANCE.

The USA aims to awaken ALL TURKS on the SILK ROAD via UIGUR and create a front against China.

The opposition also wants to be burdened from here.

While the opposition wants to see Turkey near to Washington, Ankara after all these breakdowns making reference to USA and saying

“I have a place to go. I don’t need you”

It points to the British-Chinese alliance…

Neither war nor tension will decrease until the balance is established….

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