Fri 19 Rabi Al Thani 1442AH 4-12-2020AD

Full Speed Ahead

3 days ago MERKEL took the stage. And made the expected announcement. Germany has so far remained neutral regarding the Turkey-Greece tensions in the eastern Mediterranean and they stated that they were in favour of solving the problem through mutual dialogue. However, Merkel put this aside. The German Prime Minister said, “All European Union countries are obliged to support Greece”. This was the decision made by the GERMAN DEEP STATE.
Turkey and ‘s itrelations with Europe would be strained at every point. Germany would take France together on their side and we would face each other on every channel.
Consequently, the politics inside would get its share from this …
Let’s Continue…

Let’s go from the Mediterranean.
Let’s dig a little deeper into the event …
In all the works of the two most important energy companies of the United States of America Exxon Mobil and Nobel, British BG Group, French Total and Italian Eni, the Mediterranean is seen as the most important water resource on earth today.
All of them did different studies. Research by private consultants of all energy companies showed that the Mediterranean is
more important than the value appraised today. In fact, its Significance was seen with the ARAB SPRING. Many people missed the upheaval that day. Now we see the trailer that started that day turning into a movie.

Last year, Exxon Mobil CEO, Darren W. Woods, made historic remarks about the Mediterranean. Darren W. Woods, “The Mediterranean is more valuable than the world’s oceans and other seas…Why? The fact that nearly 100 countries fight for power in the Mediterranean without doing any work is proof of how valuable that region is. I evaluate the Mediterranean with its energy
field. Be sure that the goal of 100 countries is not just energy. A little research makes it possible to understand how important the Mediterranean is in the future.” he said.

Darren W. Woods is 100 percent right.
The CEOs of Exxon Mobil, Nobel, BG Group, Total and Eni are also very important. But Darren W. Woods is different. The energy boss of the United States is no other than Darren W. Woods. Now, if we understand how important the Mediterranean is, let’s move on to another important issue.
As Darren W. Woods said, 100 countries want to be in the Mediterranean. There is neither space nor energy for 100 countries. This is not SECRET either. Except for the big players, there will be no one in the region. This is a well-known but not spoken subject. Big players are USA, TURKEY, FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, BRITAIN, RUSSIA..
Neither Greece, Spain nor Egypt are actually players. It can’t be…
There is not enough space and energy for these countries, which are shown as the real G7 according to some people.

Comments on this are!
Today brings conflict between Turkey and Greece, know how many people can not get no share from the Mediterranean? The Greek Environment and Energy Minister Hacidakis had a meeting with Macron recently…
It is still dark why he spoke to Hacidakis and not to Greek Prime Minister Miçotakis. However, Hacidakis explained to Miçotakis that after the meeting, France was pursuing a project that encompassed the entire area of Greece in the Mediterranean.
Both Germany and the USA want to use all the rights of Greece. In such a situation, the dark days did not begin yet for Greece, which dreams of becoming a power alone in the Mediterranean. But they don’t see it. Even if they see it, they don’t have a move to make. If you do not have money or power you cannot go beyond taking ORDERS….

Turkey’s situation is completely different. The Turkish state is in the field with its own power. They know all the actors, they know what others want but they do what they know. All this makes Turkey a major force in the Mediterranean. Forces that want to bring facing Greece and Turkey, are making plans that would damage both countries. If Greece wages war against Turkey, other countries planning to take the rights of both Turkey and Greece. To fully understand this, it is enough to investigate secret meetings held in Paris or Washington. In these meetings, they are looking for the answer to this question “How can Turkey and Greece be left in a difficult situation ?”

It would not be too difficult to bring the two neighboring countries against each other. It is even easier to get two countries in a historical conflict to go to war. However, Greece’s entry into war with Turkey, would cause major disaster for the region.
This is an issue that makes other countries think. It’s important to watch Darren W. Woods well.

As soon as we understand Darren W. Woods’ comments, visits and conclusions, we understand the future of the Mediterranean. Europe knows that if it cannot be in the MEDITERRANEAN, it will be surrounded by the USA.
In a way that goes to collapse…

If China cannot come here, the power on the SILK ROAD will not be theirs. It is not a SECRET.
If Britain cannot come to the warm seas from its ISLAND, it will not have peace of mind.
It is an equation with many unknowns …
But the center of the war is the MEDITERRANEAN … That is the gateway to AFRICA, the

There will be much stealing. Let’s see who will be the first to pass ….

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