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Game Changer

I think if we put events one after the other, Turkey’s struggle will be understood more clearly. There are such tensions that we do not even remember about what happened yesterday. However, it is necessary to put the tip of the compass at a point and turn it and note what happened there in a certain period of time. The United States wants a YPG-PKK formation in the region.

It has been doing this for 40 years. This is not SECRET either. Peace Spring  Operation started like a storm like the previous ones. Turkey doesn’t want a Terror Organization in their Southern Border and was doing what is necessary.There were other forces behind the YPG-PKK signboard.

Like France, like the United States…

It was revealed in the letter Trump sent that this was the case. Was it not enough, Mike Pence and Pompeo jumped on the plane and came to Turkey. Turkey was doing what is necessary for its own safety but also they were sitting with the USA at the table.

Was it strange? It wasn’t!

Because the US President in his letter reports that Mazlum Kobani wants to open negotiations with Turkey!

Pence took the watch. He came to Ankara. The table is set. He said, “YPG is withdrawing in 120 hours”

US 1 and 2 NO names were on the field for the YPG. That’s what happened.


The tension in Syria then spilled over to the MEDITERRANEAN. We were faced with FRANCE in the first stage there, just like in SYRIA. When Turkey thrust out one’s hand to Libya the problem and tension was beginning.

When Ankara became sensitive to Libya, the Ottoman remnant, Macron couldn’t sleep. The French frigate Courbet, serving in the Mediterranean, wanted to block the ship that was bringing aid to Libya.

Following Turkish warships intervened immediately. Hands went up to the triggers. When Courbet left the scene, the tension moved to NATO. The tension in Syria was moving to the waters of the MEDITERRANEAN. Then GREECE stepped in. With the push of France, Athens was on the field, making words beyond its own height. Both Greece and France were calling out to EUROPE and demanding SANCTIONS.

Germany was lean toward to that, but they had fears. Refugees and nearly 5 million Turks living in Europe made them think. Berlin’s hand was tied. Ankara was making moves on the ground, on the sea, and on the table.

The tension is not low, Pompeo went to GREECE TWICE!

Meanwhile, BEYRUT, which they saw as the heart of the French, exploded and the resulting picture was gruesome. The Eastmed gas pipeline project, ostensibly together with Israel, Greece, the Greek side and Egypt, was kept alive. Turkey had said it exact attitude with the Libyan card. The first big reaction to this was coming from Pompeo, not from EUROPE.

“Nobody can take Europe as hostage or threaten it,” he said.

We saw a similar development with the YPG in Syria here. While waiting to put a point in the tension experienced, we often noted that “THESE ISSUES CANNOT BE SOLVED ON THE TABLE”.

And one morning we woke up, let’s see what! ARMENIA attacked AZERBAIJAN…

No wonder!

Turkey is surrounded by issues and its energy was expected to be wasted. Turkey will lose energy-money-power, and the LARGE POWERS would come and bring the fiction in their minds to life. Roughly that was their plans.

Even those who fight among themselves, when the issue is Turkey, the Alliance would meet immediately under the roof. The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia was making headlines.

Because it was a local looking global front. There are not many opportunities left because of the war.

However, there were three major lobbies to be aware of.

These are Jewish-Armenian-Greek LOBBIES.

This in France in the US in the Middle East except Turkey three lobbyist were very, very strong.

Armenia was attacking and these THREE LOBBIES were immediately next to PASHINYAN.

While ALIYEV could not find a place to talk about except the small media, PASINYAN’s participation in the world’s top publications and giving interviews was enough to explain the event.

As if this was not enough, Macron was speaking out to the “ISLAMIC RELIGION” and was meeting with Putin.

Even though Putin seemed to discountenance about Armenia, it was written Russian Goods on the 300 km range missiles.

France and the USA were already there.

Syria-Iraq-MEDITERRANEAN-Azerbaijan was essential for Turkey.

Therefore it had to stay in these coordinates.

As Turkey shows its power, interestingly, there were reactions from MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

Saudi Arabia was expressing covered embargo and saying “Do not import even $ 1 from Turkey”

Will Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz also hold back!

He came out and “Turkey is destabilizing the region.

The biggest obstacle in front of peace efforts. Right away, international pressure must be established,” he said.

Led by the US Israel and the Arab world are coming together, and then they were all together waiting to swoop in Turkey. All these ruptures were also seen in internal politics.

Even looking through the HDP, it was not difficult to see the sides of the regional politics.

As Turkey shows that they will be in the region, one way or another the pressure on foreign currency unit was increasing. Neither foreign investors nor tourists were sent.

SECRET EMBARGO’S are being carried out at full speed.

All of this was telling about ANKARA’s struggle with important states on a steep road. The USA who collapsed Iran’s economy and not even allowed them to breathe was attacking with the same method to Turkey.

There were no fingerprints, but that was what happened.  Turkey, however, was not Iran. The fact that Turkey is running on every front amazed play makers. In other words, the struggle was going on with the same structures in the MEDITERRANEAN, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the Aegean.

Turkey was the target because they distrupted the Great Plan.

When the proving-power-Turkey took over instead of obedient-Turkey, things were mixed up.

This is what happened…

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