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Going All In

Wherever you are in the world, you see the struggle between the United States and China. The new system will flourish as a result of this relationship. There’s a lot going on between these two poles.

The control of energy resources, military determination of sovereignty, 5G technology, control of trade routes and digital money. These are the main battlefields. There are also invisible alliances formed by countries that want to walk with USA or CHINA.

The fight roughly takes place within these brackets. The first front of this fight is between Trump and Biden. The visible point that the fight between the US and China peaked was the detention of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the owner of Chinese telecom giant Huawei and the company’s Chief Financial Officer, in Canada.


As the justification, it was shown that Huawei violated the Iranian sanctions. Turkey has also experienced, similar 17-25 in December due to Iran. China responded to this move on the BOEING 737 Max. Countries moving with Beijing have banned these aircraft. Boeing lost $ 500 billion.

Then things got more complicated and it escalated. The storm on the hill was reflected in the internal politics of almost every country.

Ahmet Davutoğlu ‘GELECEK'(FUTURE) and Ali Babacan founded the ‘DEVA'(CURE) party. They acting together with the block against AK PARTY-MHP

Turkey’s route was important for those names on the world’s roof.

I was also looking at this and assessing internal politics over Turkey’s position.

A few years ago, in Beijing President Erdogan welcomed with the red carpet, this showed the value given to Turkey for the Silk Road by China.

The wind of internal politics was formed as a result of the clash of these two great powers.

President Erdoğan was increasing his distance from the USA every day.

The separation winds that started on 17-25 were reaching their peak.

Yesterday, Erdoğan gave the following answer to journalists’ S-400 questions on Friday:

These tests were done correctly, they are being done. America’s approach is absolutely not concerning us. Because if we will not test these kinds of possibilities, then what will we do? Of course, we are not going to ask this to America. Therefore, we have not only the S-400, but also many light, medium and heavy weapons, among them many weapons we bought from America, and we also test them. And from now on, we will continue to do the same. By the way, of course, Greece has S-300s. They don’t even test it, they’re using it. Does America ask or say such a thing over there?

No. In other words, it means that there is a Russian weapon here, which disturbs the gentlemen.

We are determined, we continue on our way in the same way.


It shows that the ties between these two countries are broken and that they have reached an irreversible place. Turkey is going on their own way with courage and determination. Turkey took S-400 and made trials in Sinop.

On the question, ERDOGAN gave the above answer to the USA…

So how did the answer to Erdogan’s words come?

Shortly after President Erdogan’s exit, the US Embassy in Ankara issued a “Security Warning”.

Terrorist attacks in Turkey may be happen.

The US Embassy said in the warning roughly:

We expect terrorist attacks against citizens of the USA or foreign countries in Istanbul.

There may also be attempts to kidnap. We got reliable information. US or foreign consulates may be targets.

Visa processing has been temporarily suspended…

This terror alert, in fact, was the answer given to Turkey.

It was an indication that the war continued on every frequency.

I think this was what was not understood.

An important statement came three days ago.

He was not an ordinary speaking name.

US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison, about Turkey has bought from Russia for the S-400’s

“We are very unhappy that we can not persuade them to stay connected to our alliance” was using expressions.

And he continued:

It is extremely troubled situation for all of us that Turkey is testing S-400 in NATO territory.

Turkey has a lot of sacrifice in order to have the S-400. These developments are not good at all.

We, along with all our NATO alliance done everything we can to convince Turkey for not to buy missile defense system from Russia, which we accepted as our enemy.

To buy a missile defense system from Russia and put it into our NATO alliance.

This is a red line. There is no doubt about that.

And NATO Ambassador Hutchison stated implicitly that there could be consequences for Ankara.

The most important sentence to look at here was the statement “RUSSIA THAT WE ACCEPT AS AN ENEMY”.

As I wrote recently in Washington they did not want Russia to act with China and Turkey.

There was a DER SPIEGEL cover published 2 years ago.

The magazine, which is close to the PENTAGON, was calling to break the TRUMP-CINPING-ERDOHAN-PUTIN equation from the cover.

In other words, there was a force in the NEW WORLD ORDER that did not want these 4 leaders.

On that day, an operation was always carried out in RUSSIA in the previous ARAB SPRING.

Russia would also be expelled from the CAUCASUS. Their plans were this.

Even the NATO structuring in POLAND was to intimidate RUSSIA.

The aim was to somehow control CHINA.

CHINA was unstoppable from side to side with Russia-Turkey-Iran.

Just as RUSSIA was involved in the elections when Trump was elected, now IRAN and CHINA are included in the account, as well as RUSSIA.

The reality underlying every struggle from oil to gas, from 5G to the Mediterranean, from Huawei to the Caucasus, is the US effort to stop CHINA.

The operation…

In order to stop China, it is aimed to weaken Russia in the field and to lower Putin.

They are already coming with financial operations to Turkey.

Obviously, now they will hit the door with TERROR.

It is useful to view the elections in the USA in this way.

If we are going to Der Spiegel’s cover, Turkey will continue on much more peaceful and safe way if Trump is elected.

If Biden comes, Trump, one of the 4 on the cover, will be gone.

The remaining three leaders will this time even more fiercely fight the United States.

The fight will grow as it grows …

That’s the point! This is the case!

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