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Golden Opportunity

The FIRST question is this!

Is the world taking shape according to the projects of some focal points or names?

The second is as follows…

Does each country make its own way?

If we adopt the second option, we will accept that EVERY COUNTRY HAS its own game AND the world turns like this.

Looking from this window, for example, we buy the option that Al Qaeda is the work of the Taliban and that Covid-19 is spread from the animal market to the world.

However, life started to teach us a lot with the PANDEMIC.

The digital age took digital money and left it in front of our home…

I’ve always believed that smart people rule the world and don’t leave it alone.

The United States was leading the world with MONEY that did not belong to it.

The system established after the Second World War was outdated.

It was shaking!

The new path had to be opened with NEW MONEY …

It was a must.

Covid-19 was necessary for this.

For example, Prince Charles was one of the names I always found important. Charles said the Coronavirus crisis offered a “golden opportunity” to restart the economy.

According to Prince Charles, the Covid-19 pandemic offered the world an opportunity to make the economy greener and more sustainable.

So, was the idea of re-starting the economy discussed in IRAQ-EGYPT-NIGERIA-ARGENTINA-URUGUAY-VIETNEM-IRAN?

Has anyone asked these countries for an opinion? I guess not. Therefore, the FIRST option was always valid…

The statement, “We must reunite the world economy” came from the IMF CHAIRMAN, Kristalina Georgieva.

Georgieva said that this requires a new Bretton Woods agreement.

In other words, the process that started with PANDEMIC would continue with ECONOMIC change.

Change is now on everyone’s lips, there are many who write and draw. But who was setting up the game, who would win?

The answer is not in many places!

Maybe not at all!

Although not many people here know, the US CENTRAL BANK, the FED, has been in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, namely MIT.

The project is also about DIGITAL DOLLAR.

“What if the dollar is DIGITAL?” They are looking for an answer to the question.

If the paper dollar turns into digital dollar, how will it be stored and spent?

How will country debt be managed? How to borrow? How will the US debt be deleted? THIS IS THEIR AGENDA!

The IMF has announced that it has started.

GREAT RESET is coming soon. Let’s open a little more…

The new plan called “The Big Reset” is a multi-equation study.

This work has been reinforced with key leaders, ministers and businessmen.

There were names that opposed this.

Everyone knows that the Great Reset is the great American plan.

Some names opposed this!

I touched on the Trump and Coronavirus story our a previous post.

US President Trump said that the Great Reset entails great risks and sees it as World War III.

Other opposing names were also important.

Prince Charles, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Prince Albert of Monaco, Indian Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, South African Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe.

The “Big Reset” is a project that will begin with the energy field, continue with finance, and finally complete with trade.

Leaders who opposed the Great Reset have been Covid-19 in a row.

It was not uncommon for each to have Covid-19 a few days after the Great Reset release.

At a virtual meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum in early June, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials and activists accepted the proposal to “reset” the global economy, while those figures were quietly opposed.

Prince Charles was the first to come up with the idea for the Great Reset. Years ago.

However, this was not the method he wanted. He always talked about the Great Reset at Davos.

He also clearly expressed his support. He could have died from Covid-19 in March, the week he said he didn’t want the commander to be in Washington.

Trump was the most opposed to the Great Reset.

Maybe if Trump did not oppose this, it was certain that he would be elected President of the United States for 4 more years. Trump may have been misinformed about this. Because he perceived the Great Reset as an operation against him. He believed that his dismissed Jim Mattis and special prosecutor Robert Mueller were setting him a political trap for opposing the Great Reset.

All the leaders with Covid-19 were key figures who opposed the project.

The most important name here is Prince Charles. What is he thinking now?

According to his descriptions, he supports the Big Reset.

I don’t know about you, but even when you look at the IMF statement, you see that the WORLD will not be left alone.

This is natural.

US foreign policy has taken many countries with it recently.

This was the flare of the NEW CURRENCY.

The IMF calls the new BRETTON WOODS, that is, it was talking about a new PARTNERSHIP.

The USA wants to both establish a new monetary system and get rid of its debts.

These guys are not the type we’ll see in coffee shop corners.

They have the motivation to dominate the world.

Looking at this equation, it is not unlikely that the USA, which has grown CHINA, will shake the world and force the new system with the CORONAVIRUS.

Even the fight with CHINA is very likely to be FICTION at a very deep level!

It is not in sight, but there is a possibility that it might happen.


The part that those with money and those looking for an address for investment will look at is completely different!


I think STATES should also consider this!


The shape that the MONEY system will take determines the POLITICS.

Nobody can escape this, neither do we.

So the next few months will show us the FUTURE.

A new, brand new WORLD is coming.

WAR is essential for a new system to come or change a system!

CORONAVIRUS therefore existed.

It showed the effects and results of WAR!

All phenomena such as fear-impoverishment-unemployment-uncertainty have caught on us with CORONA.

Corona fear does not even show us how the world will change.


Everyone is doing their job perfectly for the new system.

This is what we have been saying for months.

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