Sun 29 Shaban 1442AH 11-4-2021AD

Great Detention

President Trump’s arrival and departure were both incidents.

The congressional raid pushed him to the edge of the COUP.

His arrival was related to the known RUSSIAN file.

He stayed in the White House for 4 years.

He was in conflict with the DEEP.

4 painful years have passed.

He was also a different PRESIDENT!

With the messages he sent almost every hour through social networks, the agenda was on the agenda both inside and around the world.

He was removing even the names near him in the White House with TWEETS.

Examples were numerous.

A share of the cost of the F-35 program caused $ 4 billion to be removed from the market value of American defense giant Lockheed Martin!

Shares of General Motors, Boeing and Toyota were also getting their fair share of Trump’s tweets.

His posts on Mexico and China caused losses in the yuan and peso, it was not enough, but also brought political crises with it.

For example, his daughter Ivanka was targeting Nordstrom, which stopped selling Trump’s creations, and wrote, “The company has done a great injustice.”

The company’s tension was increasing.

Now another page is opened.

I’ve been watching the United States of America for days.

It is clear that a completely different era has begun.

President Biden never goes TRUMP’s way.

It appears very, very little on screens, on social networks.

Against this, he is taking firm steps with his DECISIONS.

Obviously this will be even more effective soon.

As he explains, RUSSIA and CHINA are the top competitors.

Both the CIA and the US State Department are voicing this.

So where will this struggle begin?

No no, I do not ask which country it is from.

Who will it start from?

Yes, two very interesting names.


The new management does not use SOCIAL NETWORKS much, but does not leave users alone!

This is the debate deep in the US.

It seems like we will soon have a very staggering repercussions of a very shocking step.

First of all, Biden knows that the WHITE HOUSE is not a cowboy tent.


In the White House, every post is recorded in the form of a correspondence instruction.

By law.

However, after Trump became PRESIDENT, another frequency came into play.

Therefore, much discussed in recent days with the headline WhatsApp sat hidden PROTOCOLS even in Turkey!

President Donald Trump is now on the brink of hard times due to his son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner WHATSAPP correspondence.

In addition to Trump, KUSHNER called or corresponded to important names, statesmen, businessmen, decision-makers in many countries via WHATSAPP.

In fact, while it was being discussed whether the US soldierS should withdraw from SYRIA, correspondence came so far.

KUSHNER made more correspondence and speeches than thought, except for the records of WHITE HOUSE.

And as soon as Biden arrived, he said, “GET THESE RECORDS FOR ME” as the first important job.

Listening to the world, the NSA also stepped in.

Ivanka Trump’s official correspondence from private e-mails is also IN THE RESEARCH!

Senior Consultant Kushner has corresponded with very important names and topics from Israel to China, from Russia to Saudi Arabia!

Even the former REPUBLICANS said, “A new party must be established in the USA. There is a need for a third party.”

It is useful to read the explanations like this.

Trump-daughter Ivanka and his Son-in-law Kushner is under the control of a BIG EYE.

Before starting the fight with China and Russia, Biden will reach these records to get everyone inside and this will be placed in front of the necessary names.

Then there will be a struggle outside.

A great Coalition that Trump dismissed is also in this project as VOLUNTEER.

Let’s see what Kushner has done?

So how will the US relationship be with Turkey?

Everyone is curious about the answer to this question.

I was optimistic when Biden arrived. I was thinking. that

“They won’t be against Turkey”

However, in the silence there is a sign that the relations will deteriorate much more.

Understanding this, ANKARA also responds on that frequency.

NOTE: “Who gave Kushner access to confidential information?” The answer to the question is also sought with great care.

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