Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD


Azan was being recited when we came across. I said:
-Let me take you to the mosque. It’s Friday, you know.He said:-And you know that I don’t go to the mosque.-I know but, I really wonder why.-I don’t know, he said. I get worried about my pants looking disarray.I started to laugh, unwillingly.
-You must be joking, I said. How can you leave the mosque because of that?
He said:-I’m serious. You know that I care about my clothes and love green.
I knew that he would choose his clothes from different tones of green and he would always iron them.
I said:-Alright then. Have you ever been to mosque?-I have for a few times with my grandfather, when I was a child. And I wasn’t worried about my clothes at that age. But I don’t think I can go to the mosque anymore.His words really shocked me and I was sorry for bringing up the subject. We shook hands and then I left.
They told me that he was in the mosque after 2 months from our talk. I went there right away.
He was in the front of line, and had green on him.I approached and whispered:
-You weren’t going to come to the mosque?He didn’t answer. Because he was laying inside of a coffin, on coffin rest, with a green cover on it.

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