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Gulf Chess

The least we think about is “WHAT KIND OF FUTURE AWAITS US?”

The answer to the question, When we look at the last two great wars, we see that there is a big difference between what happened in the beginning of the stage and what happened at the end.

World War II.

We see the madness of Germany and Hitler, but the only dominant DOLLAR afterwards.

It was not one of the causes of the war, but the most important result!

The world CLOSED as it entered 2021.

Everyone was at home.

There were no planes, buses, trains.

A red stripe was placed between the streets and people.

Freedom was drastically reduced, and our mobility was taken away.

This was the case everywhere.

Germany England Portugal Russia USA Turkey in Papua New Guinea was no different.

Deaths and epidemics continued, humanity was trying to protect itself.

The economy was choking up and changing shape.

There was only one PRIVILEGE in all this photograph. WUHAN…

The place where the West calls “the center where the VIRUS originated”.

Known as the center of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese city of Wuhan returned to normal exactly one year later.

With the lifting of curfews, streets, squares, restaurants and nightclubs were full.

And Reuters captured the colorful nightlife of Wuhan after the epidemic. Crazy parties on New Year’s Eve were served.


The rest of the world was struggling as if CLOSED.

It was grappling with problems.

We will return to this exact point.

But first, let’s go to the GULF.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain accused Qatar of “supporting terrorism” in June 2017, after which these four countries submitted a 13-item list to Qatar.

After this was rejected, it began to impose an embargo on Qatar and cut diplomatic relations.

Among the demands submitted were the closure of the Turkish military base in Qatar, the expulsion of Muslim Brotherhood members, the suspension of the media outlet Al Jazeera, the weakening of relations with Iran, and an end to support for the rebel Houthis in Yemen.

Qatar, on the other hand, denied that it supported jihadist organizations. Naturally.

Turkey, after the embargo had been the largest of the countries that support Qatar.

After this date, the United States attempted to bring the ARABS and ISRAEL side by side.

And it has also been successful in this.

The only power that stood out in the GULF issue and did not fit into this picture was QATAR.

At this point, QATAR has become close to Saudi Arabia and therefore to ISRAEL.

Although it was not clear exactly what the deal would bring, its destination was more or less predictable.

The demands of the USA and Israel over the countries having problems with QATAR were clear.

THERE SHOULD BE NO TURKISH BASE, relations with IRAN should be suspended and distance with the Muslim Brotherhood should be kept.

Although Qatar’s approach to Saudi Arabia center is evaluated positively, it seems to be a source of distress for IRAN.

Iran’s nuclear activities have targeted for a long time.

If you look at the whispers, you will have no difficulty in hearing that the integrity of the GULF is achieved for IRAN.

The point reached after the assassination of Kasım Süleymani, an important figure for the Iranian regime, is very important.

The USA is not a neighbour of IRAN!

Iran is not the political and economic rival of the USA in the world!

There is nothing they cannot share!

But IRAN is a friend of CHINA!

And its friend who wants to walk the same road!

It is also a serious player for the SILK ROAD!

As such, two important factors stand out for the United States.


For the Silk Road, they will want to harm one of the two countries so that China can be controlled.

The aim is to prevent China from integrating with EURASIA.

The Pentagon announced its target by shooting KASIM SÜLEYMANİ exactly a year ago.

In the meantime, QATAR also came to the GULF COALITION.

It joined.

Maybe for this purpose, the USA and NATO did not appear much in the ArmeniaAzebayjan war!

While no one can challenge England and Turkey, Qatar has provided the integrity of the Gulf.

And it is said in the USA that the strategy of “the birth of Suez” has been put on the table in small letters.

Russia and Iran are targets because of China.

Although Macron says “BRAIN DEATH HAS OCCURED” for NATO, it is not really like that.

NATO is in great preparation to threaten Russia via Poland.

The aim is to stop and control China.

But first, to break the alliance with Russia and Iran.

Could the use of weapons for Iran come to the table?

I think absolutely yes!

This is the reason for the search for integrity in the GULF!

Let’s go back to China to WUHAN, although the former US Defense Ministers are mostly Republicans, they all demand the West to fight CHINA as a grand coalition.

Europe is not resistant to this anyway.

Merkel is ready.

It seems that a branch of England will also be involved in this business.

After Russia and Iran are somehow taken off the Chinese orbit, the job will endure the compensation case.

Now, China does not know that the photos and images it serves will open up business in the future.

While the world is taking shelter in its home, economies are stagnating, damage is reaching trillions of dollars, thousands of people are dying in the West, these fun and returning images will be used as a method of taking the money in court.

After Biden’s arrival (maybe even before), the option of an armed intervention is on the table.


According to the rhythm and frequency of the war, then it will be Compensation.

This is what is intended.

We’ll see if it happens or not.

But one should not forget the tendency of the USA to create its enemy first and solve the problem after reaching the ceiling.

It has not solved any problems that it did not make chronic.

This VIRUS has gone from HARVARD one way or another.

Those who want to change the world are also in the USA.

More precisely, those who make and spread the virus, those who point to Wuhan and put it to the target, and those who develop the vaccine and sell it as hope are the same team.

From Jeffrey Epstein to Bill Gates, from Anthony Fauci to Prof. This is a wide network that goes all the way to Nowak!

And most of the big players are in the USA.

Both THESIS and ANTI-THESES are in the USA.

The virus is the name of the THIRD BIG WAR.

Who will collect what when it’s over?

And who will impose what on us?

Those who want to create a model, set it up and then collect the parcel through China are the same.

You can make DIGITAL patterns in countries with management style like CHINA! And you radiate!


So what are we doing?

Harvard chemistry department and Prof. With Martin Nowak, we are dealing with the RECTOR assigned to the BOĞAZİÇİ, not the camera recording tracking system and vaccines in China.

And we argue over party uniform not competence.

So is that right?

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