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He went to Yannina

I don’t want to divide it into “good or bad, beautiful or ugly”. That’s not the point. But it is outside that stimulates and stretches internal politics.

Everyone needs to understand and learn this now…

So let’s get into internal politics today. While the AK PARTY and MHP form the REPUBLIC ALLIANCE, there are 6 parties opposite to each other, which are not quite alike.

And the parties, the ranks, are clear.

Here, let’s open it up.

To understand the struggle…

Let’s go step by step …

Turkey, released Oruc Reis again. Sent to the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece immediately raised the flag of rebellion. They threatened “no negotiations”

So who was Oruç Reis?

The elder brother of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha… They were well educated as a family. They learned Italian-Spanish-French-Greek. It became famous in the MEDITERRANEAN in a short time. He was captured by the Knights of Rhodes in a conflict.

He lived in captivity for 3 years. Then he survived. He lived as a great ADMIRAL. Oruç Reis said, “Your right to live is as much as your struggle.”

This word was enough to explain everything…

Today, yesterday, tomorrow…

Inside and out…

Turkey suffered major break in the last 10 years. This was natural, as the balance was disturbed at the top of the world and could not be replaced. But we were the country that suffered the most.

I will not sort out the operations and open the old notebooks. But the reflex, which carried out cross-border operations and responded to the world after July 15, also rose from Ankara.

Since then Turkey was much more active in the SYRIA – IRAQ – MEDITERRANEAN – CAUCASUS and BALKANS.

And in AFRICA…

The WEST of the world, looking for its new balance, pressed the button. This is Turkey’s experience of the event. This is the name of both tension and struggle. Turkey knows what to do by moving with from what Oruc Reis said “TO FIGHT FOR LIVING”

There are many people who do not know this. More precisely, there are many people who find it unnecessary to struggle…

Let’s open. Let’s go with the current examples. I explained that Deep America started to prune Russia’s role in the world with the bombs that exploded in the Boston Marathon the previous day.

I reminded that the explosion was tendered to two CHECHEN brothers. I emphasized that the wave that started after the ARAB SPRING extended to the CAUCASUS.

So what happened yesterday? You need to know…

Chechnya Leader Kadirov announced that 4 people were destroyed together with weapons and explosives in the capital GROZNI.

He added that the 4 people killed came from other countries.

“We knew that many militants were trying to infiltrate from outside before. We detected. We organized an operation. We killed” Kadyrov said. Is it a surprise? Not.

Let’s move on to Europe now…

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linda came to Turkey.

She took the floor as the AGIT Term President

And she said the following.

“We warn to withdraw Turkey from Syria. We are deeply concerned about the conflict in Upper although a ceasefire was reached in Karabakh.”

So, does Sweden have a border with Syria and Azerbaijan? Does it have a coast to the Eastern Mediterranean? No.


Did Oruç Reis’ landing in the Eastern Mediterranean only worry Greece? Of course no.

German Foreign Minister Maas could not stay away from this issue.

He warned Ankara with the statement that “Ankara must stop going back and forth between relieving tension and provocation”.

Actually, nothing had changed on the Western Front. Everyone was using the SAME language for different events.

In Syria, the Caucasus, Iraq, the Mediterranean … It didn’t matter.

And this political blockade was also completed with FOREIGN CURRENCY.

I guess those who made comments, criticized and opposed on ECONOMY did not open this PARENTHES.

It was being ignored.

Is there a country that is not economically shaken!

Everyone is struggling.

The PANDEMIC came before the new balance was established.

It continues on its way by shaking…

That being the case, and with the political turnaround going on, it was the easiest way to tweeze the FOREIGN CURRENCY and scare it from within the GLOBAL operation.

But the truth was a Political attack!

Turkey was the target like Russia and like Iran.

Their route on the world was not wanted to change. It was not a very correct way to frighten the masses with the numbers when coming from every lane. Think!

Look at the MUSLIM countries that are getting closer to Israel on the road opened by the USA.

Saudi Arabia does not even introduce TURKISH CRACKER into the country.

They even close the door to foreign product produced in Turkey.

They locked on the $ 10 billion market. We have experienced a huge loss of income.

Pandemic and tourism are already there. Did the Gulf countries join this choir? Of course, they could not hold back.

The command was from high place.

Let’s go to MAY 2019 right here.

CHP Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu left his bodyguards behind and went to meet someone in Kalamış Marina without telling anyone!

CHP leader was going to a yacht.

It is still not revealed who was on the yacht.

But its owner was TIVNIKLI FAMILY.  They were not far from Saudi Arabia at all.

The name of the yacht was YANNINA.

I don’t know who was from the Tivnikli family and who was not, but whether the meeting was interesting.

For someone like me who took care not to forget, that meeting was an important step that marks today!

At the point we have reached, Middle East is changing, Balances are starting to fit into places.

But Turkey was struggling on the field to get what they want.

The route of the AK PARTY-MHP alliance and the CHP-IYI PARTY-DEVAGELECEK-SAADET-HDP did not match.

It would never match…

There were big differences in terms of the country, the region and the world.

Since we do not know this, we were discussing the events over DOLlAR, over EURO.

Yet the place to look was different!

We had to focus to plans that made for Turkey. We weren’t…

As in every subject, we were again missing the main issue.

The opposition that came together was looking differently at the world.

IYI PARTİ was a nationalist, but it was far from MHP. WHY IS THAT?

What distinguished Turkish nationalism?

No answer!

Saadet was a conservative party. What was it that pushed away from AK Party? No answer!

DEVA was the party that carried many common scents in the future with the AK Party.

Where was the difference? No answer!

The Soviets collapsed and the balance was not restored. Russia will be pruned.

It’s hard to get rid of.

The USA will walk alone or with the UK-CHINA balance.

Knowing this, Turkey in the field…

There are also struggles with all their might to do what they need.

The opposition is on the “Let’s stay in the Western camp, look ahead” route under any circumstances!

If it is not forgotten that the events in the last 10 years originate from the West, the table will become clear.

Consider the dissimilar PARTIES and NAMES within the framework of the WEST.

So you can know who goes to whom.

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