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The MEDITERRANEAN SEA is not only the MEDITERRANEAN anymore. As long as we fail to interpret the world like a blue marble, we will have a hard time understanding what is going on.

A lot of time has passed over it. The most important name of China in Israel, AMBASSADOR Du Wei was killed at his home in HERZLIA. When official visits were shelved before his death, Pompeo landed in Tel Aviv wearing a USA mask on his face. He conveyed what needs to be done to take Israel with them.

He also wanted the Chinese Ambassador to be deported. Israel resisted. China opposed. The man is killed!

What happened then? I guess that’s the one to look for.

Israel suddenly got into an incredible relationship with the Arab countries

Everyone is in line to sign and say “WE ARE BROTHERS”.

USA President Trump says, “Wait, there are 7-8 more countries next.”

I guess we didn’t think much about what DEEP AMERICA wants to do through ISRAEL. It was not written or drawn much. However, the murder of Ambassador DU WEI at the age of 57 was a very important move…

Let’s go back…

As the year marked 1978, Egypt and Israel set out on their path to peace through the United States President Jimmy Carter. Egyptian President Enver Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin held secret negotiations for 12 days. As a result, it was the first time that an Arab country recognized Israel.

They acknowledged Israel existence. This, of course, was a fuss. But what happened has happened. Now it is getting bigger. Countries that have important relations behind the scenes will openly be FRIENDS and PARTNERS with ISRAEL. This is the new process…

Let’s open it if you want. Because the subject is the MEDITERRANEAN…

NATOME. NATO will evolve, descend to the MIDDLE EAST and target the MEDITERRANEAN.

Like Du Wei, the killing of KASIM SÜLEYMANİ was also a very important step. This execution was carried out without Trump’s knowledge. The threads were now in the hands of Mark Esper, PENTAGON.

Trump, who previously said “NATO’s life is over,” was now in the game. He was meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for NATO-ME. The target was the MIDDLE EAST!

Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, as well as the target of the new formation will take place in Egypt to reduce Turkey’s influence in the region.

So what is happening now?

Deep America is carrying out an operation around Israel, including its president.

Is it correct? Of course it’s correct!

Let’s get into the details.

Over 40 countries went to sea to get a significant share in the Mediterranean.

Here, it is necessary to understand NATO’s plan thoroughly. NATO is neither France, Germany nor any other country. NATO is completely the Pentagon’s backyard. NATO has a very important “choke-point”.

Like the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea, the Dover Strait separates the Atlantic Ocean from the North Sea. However, the Mediterranean appears at three points. For this reason, the “choke-point” that is indispensable for NATO is the Mediterranean. Washington wants NATO to stay in the background for now. However, many important plans regarding the Mediterranean were made in the Pentagon with NATO generals.

Retired Turkish generals, who know the region very well, also made important evaluations for Washington. NATO sees the Mediterranean as the most important center.

The Mediterranean was at the center of the US plan to establish NATO-ME. This was true yesterday and today. Currently, all Arab countries that come side by side with Israel are given a Mediterranean role.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is at the forefront. The Gulf country UAE is the most important part of the entire financial leg of the Mediterranean. Gathering the Sicilian Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, primarily the Bosphorus  and the Dardanelles, in a single plan, Washington uses NATO’s effectiveness in Africa and the Middle East.

France is no longer NATO’s most important force. Yes, in 2011, France was one of the two most influential countries in NATO with the US. Today, France is NATO’s biggest loser.

Because France and Germany, who came up with the idea of the European Army, can no longer be NATO’s important powers. Paris knows this too. That’s why France dives from every point to be active in the Mediterranean. In fact, Macron said, “Nato’s brain death has occurred.” He, too, saw where France was to be thrown…

One of the priority steps for NATO will be the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles after the Mediterranean. This power, which connects the Black Sea, Marmara and Aegean Seas, also ensures control of Russia. It borders Moscow. There will be tension in every part of NATO’s “chokepoint” space.

The Tatar Strait – Sea of Japan and Sea of Okhotsk are among Russia’s most important plans. Russia also targeted this region in order to reduce the sea power of the United States of America. Because Russia does not seem to exist in the Mediterranean, no matter how hard it tries. Russia’s plan, which wanted to be in the Mediterranean via Syria, collapsed.

Because the USA has exhausted Russia’s power in the seas. This situation caused great trouble in Moscow.

Because during the pandemic period, Russia took part in many secret plans against China and the USA.

Some of them were forwarded to Washington by the NSA. Although military power is compared to air power today, the sea is more important than all. Of course, with the support of the air force, the navy reaches an unmatched power.

Now every country is reinforcing its naval power by putting forward the Mediterranean. How can we read this? There is no obstacle to thinking “there will be a conflict in the Mediterranean”.

CONFLICT is never and far from a possibility. Finally, they instantly push the button. But who comes to the point of conflict with whom?

When we look at the current tension, it is certain that Greece has been thrown before us. There’s France in the back. Greece is up against us with the push of Macron. This is clear!

Obviously PARIS intends to reduce the power of Turkey. They are eager to engage in Greece and expand the area in the MEDITERRANEAN. This is their plan! But I think there is something more important! United States of America.

So what do they think and want?

Would be better if Turkey come across with Greece or France?


If there is going to be a conflict, the USA CHOOSE THAT IT IS BETWEEN THE TWO BIG.

What do you think is necessary for NATO-ME?

Could it be that the big country in the MEDITERRANEAN IS A Clash of Two Powers!

If there is a possibility of conflict, it will be asked to be between the two big ones.

It is beneficial for us to be awake.

If not, they put the option of GREECE into action from another window.

The two major forces in NATO after the United States for the Mediterranean that is considered the melting of France and Turkey.

These are the headlines for SECRET MEETINGS.

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3 thoughts on “Headline

    1. Dear Brother,
      Its respectable that you mentioned such important thing,
      Inshallah may you keep The Big Picture in mind as you pay attention to smallest details not to lose the correct perspective of your camera.

      Best Regards

  1. Salam and Greetings

    Dear Brother

    It’s a warm and happy feeling to see a muslim brother regardless of truth or fault being so detailed when it comes to Politics.
    Sadly in Umma it has been a tradition to NOT Know anything and SAY Everything instead of being silent at when some dont know about the matter.

    It’s my sincere paint and sometime agony to brothers and sisters who are clueless. Some may say so what? I say its a shame that we have fallen so down to say so as We are not applying basic principles of Islam, and sadly much more…

    May Allah bless you and keeps your knowledgeable mind’s growth and give you success and bless your cause as its most noble cause as I see it even though brothers may fail to see.

    Sincerely Yours

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