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How Has Indonesia Become Muslim?

He was a merchant. One day he loaded his fabrics on the ship. He went to Indonesia and settled there.He continued to work and trade there, earning his living by selling fabrics of good quality. It was exactly what the people were looking for. He was also a person who was content with the things he had.He wasn’t so ambitious or greedy to make money. One day he arrived late to his shop. The boy working there had made an enormous profit from the goods he sold to one customer.He wondered and asked:
– “Which fabric did you sell”?
– “This fabric, sir”.
– “How much per meter did you charge it for”?
-“Ten liras”.
– “What”?
– “How can you sell it for ten liras!, the customer paid you too much, would you recognize him if you saw him?”
The boy went to look for the customer and when he found him he brought him immediately back to the shop. As soon as the shop owner saw the customer in front of him, he asked for him to be forgiven and Qiamah in this world and handed back the money that the boy had overcharged him for.The customer was surprised. It was the first time he experienced such a situation whereby he was given money back.
-What did he mean by seeking forgiveness and Qiamah in this world?, he thought.
The event was talked about in many places and soon enough the King also heard of the story.Eventually, the king called the fabric merchant to the palace and asked:
“We have never seen or heard of this type of behaviour before. What actually happened?
– I’m a merchant, a Muslim. The religion of Islam orders this. My customer was overcharged and paid too much for the fabric.So, I had earned money by haram means and I merely corrected a mistake by returning the money that he had been overcharged for.
The king:
-“What is Islam, what is it like to be a Muslim? and asked questions in this manner one by one. He answered the king’s questions one by one.The king heard about the existence of such a religion for the first time. He became a Muslim without spending a great deal of time thinking about it.Later, his people became Muslims in a very short span of time.
Indonesia, which today has a population of 250 million people, had accepted Islam and the secret of this was only five liras.There was only one thing to do: to live as he believes, to share the beauty with the people around him.The Message of our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is clear: “The righteous and trustworthy merchant will be with the Prophets, the righteous people and the martyrs on the Day of Resurrection.”I mean, the most important issue is not what is spoken, but how it is spoken. To live by actions rather than words. Rather than telling somebody it’s much more desirable to treat, respect and honour them through actions.

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