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Huge Power

The other day, German Chancellor Merkel appeared on the screens and said: The United States threatened all of our engineers working in the NORD STREAM.

Everyone was left with the fear of death. Despite this, the project will not stop.

Despite the USA, this project will end…

The words of the German Chancellor were obvious.

A day later, BILD took the stage.

And it came out with the headline “GIVE UP THE NORD STREAM MERKEL”…

BILD was officially calling to stop the nord stream…

While this was happening, the ALEXSEY NAVALNI file was put forward…

Time adjusted operation so…

Navalni was allegedly poisoned with a complex chemical known as “Noviçok”.

Noviçok, which means ‘newcomer’ in Russian, is the name given to a synthetically produced nerve gas group in a state-owned laboratory in Uzbekistan before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

It is a fact that Noviçok was also used in the attack on former Russian spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia two years ago in Salisbury, England…

Navalni’s toxicology results also clearly point to Noviçok nerve gas.

Oddly enough, there are AMERICANS among the DOCTORS!

Navalni, fainted on the plane going from Tomsk city in Siberia to Moscow, fell into a coma in the hospital where he was taken.

Navalni’s supporters claimed that “a toxic substance was put into the opposition leader’s tea.”

There were many who said that the USA resorted to this way to prevent GERMAN-RUSSIAN integration.

The NORD STREAM was a project that the USA strongly opposed.

This war is going on inside and outside of Germany…

It will continue…

This will be seen in the MEDITERRANEAN too….

Also in the Middle East…

A-230, a group of Noviçok’s chemicals, is said to be 5-8 times more toxic than VX nerve gas.

Let’s continue…

Again from open sources.

From what is written…


These are the BIG forces we will see when we look at the world.

The USA and the UK are always one step ahead.

Germans are also close to these in terms of their ideals…

This is the reason for wars.

Winners and losers are also in this group! Is it correct? Right!

Let’s open a little…

How strong is the Vitol Group?

What is this group about which we can’t find much information about?

Who? What’s its purpose?

Many questions but not many answers…

This is the most sought-after question in many important countries for many years.

While many answers are given on this subject, the answer of Sir Alex Younger, the head of the British Secret Service (MI6), one of the names that reflect the important power of London, is very important for us.

“Dealing with the Vitol Group is a waste of time. This situation, which will cause a waste of power, is now valid for Brazil. The corruption operation targeting the Vitol Group does not yield any results. Whoever has brought up this corruption nonsense will pay the price. Let me give an interesting note. Why were Michael Hayden, Keith B. Alexander and Michael S. Rogers, former directors of the National Security Agency (NSA) dismissed? Nobody knew the facts but they left! The answer is simple because they targeted The Vitol Group’s CEOs. The Vitol Group CEO Russell Hardy and former CEO Ian Roper Taylor brought the NSA to its knees.” said Alex Younger, who recently took over the chair voluntarily and watched his son die in an assassination due to his historic operations.

The organization, which watches everything by everyone who is the ear of the world, could not approach some names.

But nobody knew that.

Legendary name Alex Younger, to whom did he say this?

To Queen II. Elizabeth.

So when?

The day he visited Queen after Prince Harry’s marriage.

However, Alex Younger did not fully explain the NSA and the Vitol Group issue to the Queen. The directors of the NSA would be obsessed with ‘Code Red’.

Because ‘Code Red’ is a list of strong men. It is the list of those the NSA cannot touch.

When Hayden, Alexander, and Rogers became NSA directors, they wanted to hear from the Vitol Group executives.

Whenever they became obsessed with this, they were dismissed after a few days.

While this demonstrates the immunity of the Vitol Group, it proves how effective it is in Washington.

There is actually only one power active in Washington.

While the two opposing forces under it were always at war, the main power, the Vitol Group, emerged as the final decision maker.The same happened with the NSA.



It may sound strange, but there is no power to compare with the Vitol Group.

Because the American state is two parts, the British state 3 parts, the German state 2 parts.

The French are also 3 parts…

Now, in the structures in this system, there is a struggle to be the first power.

This is the whole purpose!

To give the USA as an example, both Trump and Biden represent opposite poles.

But 5 years ago Trump and Biden were actually on the same side.

Trump represented the same trend with the Republicans and Biden with the Democrats.

But today the red one starts to defend blue and the blue starts to defend red.

Trump and Biden are like that.

What concerns us is the fact that VITOL wants the MEDITERRANEAN…

They officially want the Mediterranean, with which they made a principle agreement years ago. Of course, this is the hard thing. The Mediterranean was the target since Vitol was founded. It has now emerged to finalize this goal.

Vitol, which sees even the NSA as an insignificant power, will of course be the strongest group in the Mediterranean.

Research also shows this.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s most important oil producer.

But what if Vitol imposes an embargo on Arabian oil?

ARAMCO goes bankrupt, Arabia cannot sell a single drop of oil. If Vitol takes this decision, they will not be able to lift the embargo, even if Trump and Biden merge.

Now, it is useful to look at the MEDITERRANEAN with these glasses.

The leading pawns are multiple. This is also natural. The important thing is those who will share at the table…

A huge new world will be established right next to us.

Everything that will happen around us…

We will be at the center…

In one way or another…

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