Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD

Hz.Omar(R.A.) and Old Woman

After the death of The Noble, Ameer Ul Momineen Omar bin Khattab Radiyallahu anhu, Abdurrahman bin Auf Radıyallahu anhu said:
“I have witnessed so many strange things about Ameer Ul Momineed Omar radıyallahu anhu that I couldn’t express them whilst he was alive”
We often travelled around the city during the night and there was one street and house in particular that when we visited this house,
he (RA) would not let me accompany him. He (RA) would go alone and return after a short period,
but I was not allowed to stay with him during his time at that house.
When he returned, I did not have the courage or dare ask where he went and what he did whilst frequenting the house.
But after his death, one night I took it upon myself to visit that street and that house where the Ameer Ul Momineen and
Noble Omar Radıyallahu anhu used to go while he was alive, I knocked on the door and I heard a voice from inside:

“Who is it? Omar? Come, my child!” It was an old woman’s voice. And I said:

“No, I’m his friend.” I went inside. I saw an old woman laying in bed. She asked:

“What happened to Omar?, he didn’t come to visit me tonight, and he comes every night to visit me.” I told her:

“I am sorry, Omar was martyred.” When I told her this, the old woman fainted. When she woke up, I said:

“Mother, I’m a friend of Omar, if he’s dead, I’m alive. I can do what he does.” She started to cry and was sobbing saying:

“Who can replace the Great Omar? Every night he brought me food, he did my laundry.
Even when I soiled my undergarments because I am bedridden, at night he would come and clean my bed, wash it, and throw away my garbage.
If you want to help me, pray with me. “My Allah! I was able to endure this disease with the help of the Leader of the State,
the Chief of the Believers like Omar. Without him, I don’t have the power to endure this disease, not for even one day.
Take my life and take me to Omar’s side. And she passed away. Then I got busy with the old woman’s funeral and finished her works.

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