Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD

I’m CoronaVirus


Hodja: Coronavirus

After saying praise to Allah, and prayers to His Prophet.

1. Listen to me well, so that you may understand your Rabb’s message to you.

2. I am a tiny soldier from the armies of Allah, I have been sent as a warning.

3. Allah set me upon humanity. Great nations came together to kill me.

4. I sent the leaders of those nations to hospitals.

Locked people in their homes.

And the hearts of people were filled with fear.

The Friday and congregation prayers were halted in your mosques.

5. I am here among you as a warning from your Rabb.

6. I made the infidels who were at the height of their power feel weak and helpless.

As a proof to them from the side of Allah.

7. I have something else to say to believers.

I say to them; I am not a sickness upon your bodies, but a remedy for your blinded hearts.

I have come as a warning from your Habib and doctor.

8. I am not a sickness upon you, I am a cure to your blindness, because you have strayed from Allah.

You do not protect yourselves from the sins, even though they threaten your eternal life. That is the sickness you must heal.

9. Believers, I am a guide that shows the right path to Allah, I strengthen the bonds between you and Allah.

Hearts have become so dependent on the world that you turned your faces from worship to Allah and the thought of Allah, instead you have given yourselves to sin.

10. Look, all your work has been cancelled. Because of me, your world has become worthless.

You fear death because of me.

11. Believers, I warn you before your final breath arrives.

12. I am Coronavirus, listen to me when you have the chance.

Listen to me while you’re at ease.

Take my advice, do not fear me, fear Allah. I do not harm or help.

Allah harms, and Allah helps, Allah is One. Do not fear me, fear the Rabb of all realms, Allah.

13. Believers, I will not be long. When the khutbah stretches on for a few minutes, you complain about the hodja and turn your faces.

You never complain about your wasted hours, you only complained about helpful things, never about the harmful things.

14. Today, you keep away from anyone who might have the virus, if only you had kept away from those who drove you to sin, from the things that harmed your faith and religion.

15. Allah warned you many times, not to cross the boundaries set by Allah, you never cared.

Today, I have come between you and your brother, I have stopped you from hugging and being close.

Instead, you should have kept away from bad friends and bad neighbours, so that their bad habits would not infect you.

16. Those who perform the salah, you feel sorrow for losing the congregational Friday salah. I hope that you will now understand the value of Friday congregations, and you’ll respect the customs of the mosque. Do you understand now what a blessing mosques and congregations are?

17. You would hurry to leave before hodja can give the second salaam, now sit in your homes and perform the salah by yourselves.

18. You will perform the afternoon salah instead of the Friday salah today. At least perform the salah with more rakats with a congregation(your family).

19. You have been deprived of the Friday salah, at least bring your hearts closer to Allah. If your hearts will not wake despite this trouble on you, when will it wake?

20. You have been deprived of the Friday salah, at least keep the salavat to Rasulullah longer, there is great thawab in this, also read the Kehf surah.

21. If you think of Allah, you are in His peace. Have you never heard, those who think of Allah are with Allah?

What can frighten one who is connected to Allah who is all powerful?

22. If you are stuck at home, busy yourself with Hakk, busy yourself with His thought. The thought of Hayy gives life to dead hearts.

The thought of Allah keeps your heart happy. Stay away from shirk.

23. Only salah can save you from your fear and anxiety.

24. Believers! The moment Allah allows it, I will leave you. I have come with His permission, I will leave with His permission.

25. Believers, I am a slap sent by Allah to teach you good manners. Do not be careless.

26. Fear of Allah is what should keep you. Where will you run to if death comes?

27. You humble person, understand the messages send by Hakk and know your Rabb. It is hoped that you will grow wiser, contemplate, and remember.

You are wanted by Allah. He wants to hear your voice. Has the time not arrived? Yes, the time has arrived.

Lastly, I am Coronavirus, I am a creature of Allah, and yet you fear me. What am I, compared to the creation that is you? What am I, compared to you? If your bonds with Allah were stronger, you would not fear me.

Why would those close to Allah who is powerful, ever fear me?

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