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In an incident during the time of Imam Azam Abu Hanife’s life, one of his opponents and those who didn’t love him prepared a trick question in order to discredit and embarrass him.And they came to the place where the great Imam was and asked this deceptive and complicated question.
– There is a man who is an innocent Muslim, everyone praises him, but some of his words lead to blasphemy.I want to know what you think about this man. These are some of the things that this man says:
“I don’t hope for heaven,
I’m not afraid of hell and Allah.
I eat dead meat.
I perform prayer without bowing and prostration.
I don’t want to die, I like chaos.
I approve Jews and Christians.
I testify without seeing.
So what is your verdict about such a person?”
Imam Azam Abu Hanife asked the one who asked this;
“So do you have any idea about this man?”
He said, “I’m asking you, what can I say?”
Imam Azam returned to his students and asked them the same question. His students answered;”These words are blasphemous.”
Then His Holiness Imam Azam Abu Hanife began to talk, smiled a little and explained what these sayings suggest or mean one by one:
“This man is indeed an innocent believer, because his words are always metaphorical, implicit.
That is: Noone hopes for heaven. In other words, he hopes for Allah Who is the owner of Heaven.
He’s not afraid of hell, he’s afraid of the owner of hell.
When he says ‘I am not afraid of Allah’, he is not afraid because he knows that Allah doesn’t persecute him, because he knows that Allah rules with justice.
When he says, “I eat dead meat,” it is the meat of fish.
“I perform prayer without bowing and prostration” he means or is referring to the funeral prayer.
He means by the sentence ‘I don’t want to die that everyone will die.
He doesn’t want to die so that he has more time to serve Allah.
When he says ‘I like chaos’, he means their sons. Because Allah mentions children and property as chaos in The Quran. (Teğabun: 15)
His approving of the Jews and Christians is that he validates their words about each other.
And that he testifies without seeing is that he believes in Allah and the Last Day.
The man who listened to these explanations admired Imam Azam and said to himself: “He has knowledge, foresight and intellligence.So I was hostile to a genius, “he thought. He kissed the imam’s hands.And he asked him to forgive him for his hatred and wished his pardon in this world and Qiamah.
Kasr-ı ArifanDecember 2009

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