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Intelligence Virus

The US Intelligence Community announced that the new type of Coronavirus, COVID-19, was not created in a laboratory, was not man-made and not genetically played.

And all hell broke loose!

After a few hours, President Trump came out and said, “Coronavirus was made in the laboratory in Wuhan.

We have solid evidence. And I think that the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves because they’re like the public relations agency for China.”

All these show that the United States is experiencing the most important civil war in history.

Tensions between the agencies have emerged once more. This announcement by the National Intelligence Director’s Office, which was established in 2004, caused some old claims about its loyalties to resurface.

Rumors were raised that the office was being controlled by London.

The National Intelligence Director is the chief advisor to the President of the United States Donald Trump, and his Internal Security Council. The Intelligence Director, Richard Allen Grenell, has been a close acquiantance of Trump for many years. Trump, through great difficulty, appointed Richard Allen Grenell as the deputy director. Grenell was working as the Ambassador to Berlin. After the latest  announcement, Trump made it clear: “This institution is not working for the interests of United States.”

It’s obvious who’s the intended recipient for these words.

However, appointing a president or a director to an institution shows that the institution failed to meet the expectations of the authority. The US seeks compensation from China. This has already been decided. China will either submit to the standards in the US system, or it will collapse.

US President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, and the CIA Director Haspel insists that Coronavirus was made in the lab and directly caused the current state of th world. Trump has even repeatedly used the phrase “Chinese Virus”.

Despite such strong consensus, the bold announcement of the National Intelligence Directorate has been a source of hope for China. “We have been investigating the claims that Coronavirus has been produced in the laboratory in Wuhan for a while. The intelligence community has done extensive scientific research. It has been agreed that the Covid-19 virus is not man-made. Our investigation into the Wuhan lab will continue,” he said. In other words, he disrupted The Deep State’s plan.

Who did? One of the most important offices of the US.

Strange, but it’s true.

Because that is the battle.

A few hours after this statement, Trump’s reaction was harsh. “Have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of the virus?” asked a journalist.

Trump answered very, very clearly: “Yes, I have.”

Trump did not settle for that either. He explained that China would be subject to very heavy taxes and that a number of sanctions would follow. It is an important indication that Trump requests compensation from China. This shows that The Deep State of America has made its decision.

We know that Trump also supports this decision.

Now, the National Intelligence Directorate Office has announced this order from London. It caused quite a stir.

An important segment in the United States will defend this thesis. Of course, the phrase “Our research will continue” put forward by the National Intelligence Directorate Office at the end of the statement is also meaningful.

Because there will be a big change in the National Intelligence Directorate Office.

Afterwards, evidence of the virus being produced in the laboratory in Wuhan will be released by the National Intelligence Directorate Office, and the evidence will be served to the media. China will, perhaps, only have been happy for a few hours.

This is a strong possibility.

In the United States, we see that a certain group is taking steps to save China. There is nothing surprising in this. However, there is no power in Washington that can rise above The Deep State.

This is the interpretation of those who know the ins and outs of the US.

Grenell, Director of National Intelligence, is unaware of the incident.

It is alleged that those who blocked the path of Grenel, who came into the office on February 20, were former Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire and his assistant, Andrew Hallman.

These two names are shown as the source of the operation.

When Grenell was appointed as director, both Maguire and Hallman reacted by resigning.

Maguire and Hallman. They are two important names who defend London. But Grenell is also an intelligent person who is aware of how things work. It is clear that office will be pruned after the announcement.

The United States is considering many different ways to sanction China.

All 50 states could file individual cases.

The US governemnt alone makes this decision and can also demand a very high amount as compensation.

It is estimated that at least 100,000 Americans will die.

In the big cities, attacks against Asian minorities are already being reported.

Because they have been laying the groundwork for this for a long time. China is the source and target of the virus.

This was the goal.

Resentment will intensify, and turn to hostility.

The compensation to be requested for the death of 100 thousand people is estimated to be 1 trillion dollars, and $5 trillion for those who became unemployed as a result. Finally, 10 to 15 trillion dollars for the affected companies.

So, up to a total of 21 trillion dollars. This is what the whispers say.

It would be impossible for China to pay a trillion dollars, let alone 20. Many other countries aside from the US are also demanding compensation. The world will be re-balanced, and we will witness many strange events.

Everybody is in the game, playing with whatever amount of power they have.

China is the primary target. We’ve been writing about it for a while, anyway. Now, it’s even clearer, and everyone can see. It’s all about money, and this is a war. Watch closely.

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