Sun 16 Rajab 1442AH 28-2-2021AD

Intelligence War

This sonar technology under the sea is the biggest ear in the world.
Before the Mediterranean Battle, Turkey has a big conflict with the NSA.
The conflict began in 2013.
NSA, thanks to a FETÖ’s man, could listen especially Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East as it wanted.
Some of the high-level technologies produced by the NSA have been placed in many places, especially in the Mediterranean coasts, Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul through FETÖ.
We always understood FETÖ wrong.
FETÖ was designed as an intelligence agency. It was not a sect or congregation.
Pay attention!
The one who can’t fight the NSA will be the loser of the war.
The NSA has completely settled in the Mediterranean waters and the coasts of the Mediterranean countries.
It designed many countries with internal rebellion and coup and has been reaching the last stage.
I repeat: Watch out for the NSA. NSA operations will begin …

NOTE: The NSA, which has an important place in the world agenda, has estimated 70 thousand employees.
While in US Senate “Turkey siege” plan was being made, the task given to the NSA was too much important.

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