Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD


Some sources say that the DAESH leader Ebubekr Baghdadi has not died.

1- Baghdadi cannot not die because it is a MI6-CIA-MOSSAD led mission.

2- They will form a new version of the organisation that will not crush DAESH but will have a different version of the old regime. 

3- This organization will have its origins in Mosul-Kirkuk-East Syria  (the United States did not post all the soldiers to the Iraqi region in vain and events in Iraq have erupted for the last two days).

4- The target will be a Iraq-Iran axis.

Ferhad Abdi Sahin, also known as Mazlum Kobani, a Mossad agent, was originally born in Afrin, but his roots are from Jewish families living in the west of D’Azur.

He was installed by Mossad in 1991 by Apo (leader of the PKK) 

The new leader that the US wants to formulate is Abdi. Ferhad Abdi Sahin (Mazlum Kobani) who is very important for the US and Israel.

The aims and objectives of the US are to project this terrorist to the head of the rogue state that will be formed in the east of the Euphrates, including the Iraqi Peshmerga region and in Mosul-Kirkuk.

The game is just beginning.

NOTE: If you do the research you will find that there is no man with the name  Abubekir Al Baghdadi but you will find Simon Eliot, a Jewish Mossad spy from the Edward Snowden leaked documents.

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