Fri 13 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 30-10-2020AD


A mad man entered the mosque, he thought about praying, but he didn’t stay, he looked around curiously.He looked at each corner carefully, and then ran out quickly.He came back to the mosque again, this time with the timbers tied on his back and began to perform the prayer with the people in the mosque.But, with timbers on his back he performed his prayer with a lot of difficulty. As he sat down on the ground, the timbers fell down and the noise disturbed the people.Finally, the prayer ended, but every one started to talk about the situation and got angry.Everybody started to move, and even the imam heard about the conversations.
The imam lived in the same neighborhood as the mad man, he knew him more or less. He approached him tenderly and said:”My son you cannot perform prayers with the timbers on your back, what did you do? Look, you both bothered yourself and the people around you,Come again without a load, okay?”
The mad man who heard this asked:”Isn’t this your custom?”
“What custom? the imam said.
The people gathered, watched them curiously.
This time, the mad man said:
“I came to pray in the mosque, I looked for a suitable place for myself,I saw that everyone had something on their back. I guessed that was a custom,I came with these timbers, so why are you mad at me? Be mad at everyone, not only at me!”
The imam was surprised:”Was there something on my back, too?”
“Yes”he said. “Your back was full of a heavy load!”
The people said that he was just a crazy man, they started to laugh.The mad man stepped forward this time and shouted with an joy like a child, pointing to them one by one and said:
“Look, there was a boy with a blue eye on his back, a big apple tree on this man’s back.”
A broken door, a dish in a pot, fried chicken, a brunette woman with green eyes, an elderly mother…
Then he shook his head and with both hands and desperately said;
“There was something on everyone’s back!” he repeated.
When he said that, everyone looked at each other in surprise!
It was exactly true because someone was thinking about his child to be born in prayer, someone was thinking about his fruit tree,one was thinking about repairing his door, the other one was thinking about the dinner to cook in the restaurant. One was hungry, he was thinking about the was thinking about the woman he loved and the other one was thinking about his mother who was in need of care.
“So tell me what did I have? the imam said anxiously this time.
He said:
“I am most surprised at you! There was a big cow on your back!”
Because the imam’s cow was sick, he thought during the prayer that “Will it live or die?”

Don’t underestimate the crazy or insane or mad person; they know what we do not know, they see what we don’t see and they hear what we don’t hear.They see the world with their hearts.

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