Mon 2 Rabi Al Awwal 1442AH 19-10-2020AD


After the conquest of Istanbul, The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih, decided to release all the prisoners.Two of these prisoners were priests and they refused to be freed from the dungeons saying “they do not want to leave” They explained their reasons where due to fear of injustice being served upon then, the fear of persecution and torture by the Byzantine Emporer.This was the reason they were imprisoned in the first place and they swore that they would never leave the dungeons.
The situation was reported to The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih. He sent a messenger to invite the priests to be his guests.The priests told The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih, why they did not want to be freed from prison.The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih, spoke to the two priests whose world was destroyed:
– I have an offer for you. Travel throughout my country to observe the justice being applied and listen to the cases of the Muslim judges and the Muslim people. If you see injustice and oppression like there was before,please let me know immediately and I will assume that you are right about your previous decision and you being afraid.
This offer of The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih, was very attractive for the priests. They immediately travelled to the towns of Islam with the permission they received from the Padishah.Bursa was one of the first places they went. In Bursa, they witnessed an incident:
A Muslim bought a horse from a Jew, but the horse that the Jew sold was sick but the Jew had kept this information from the Muslim during the transaction.The Muslim realised that the horse was sick during the first evening that he kept the horse. The Muslim waited impatiently for the morning to arrive.In the morning, he took his horse and went to court. But the Judge had not yet arrived in his office.After waiting for a while, the man took his horse and returned to his barn.He returned with his horse, but the horse died during the night.
The Judge who learned about the incident later called the Muslim who bought the horse and solved the matter by saying:
– When you first arrived, if I was in my office, I would have returned the horse you bought back to the owner, and I would return your money from him.But since I could not be found in my office whilst you were waiting for me, I am to blame for this situation that has arisen and I take the responsibility.I have to pay for the damage caused by the death of the horse.
He gave money to the Muslim.
The priests bit their fingers when they saw that Islamic justice was so good and that with no difficulty,he paid the compensation for the goods from his own pocket.
The priests then went to Iznik and encountered a court there:
One Muslim bought a field from another Muslim, and he started to plow the field during harvesting time.While he was plowing the field with the plow, he discovered a pot of gold in his field.The Muslim felt no excitement or jumped for joy when he found the gold but he immediately wanted to deliver the gold he found to the Muslim whom he bought the field from;
– Brother, I bought the land over the field, not the ground underneath.If you knew there was so much gold in the ground then perhaps you probably wouldn’t sell the field to me so cheaply.So please take this gold, he said.
The first owner of the field thought otherwise. He said:
– My brother you are wrong. I sold the field to you including the stones, soil and everything included in the field whether it is above the land or below.I have no right to take this gold from the field, because I gave you both the upper and the lower parts of the field.This gold is yours, do what you wish, He said.When both of them couldn’t agree, the issue was judged by the court.Both sides repeated the claims in the presence of the judge.
The judge asked them if they had children. He learned that one of the owners had a daughter and the other one had a son.He performed the marriage of the son and the daughter and gave the gold as dowry.
The priests realized that it was unnecessary to travel more and came back to Istanbul, and reported back to The Honourable Servant of Allah, Fatih.They gave an account of the two events they witnessed in this manner:
– We now believe that there is so much justice and respect for each other only through Islam.The people of such a religion cannot do evil, even to those from another religion.So we give up our idea of going back to the dungeon, we believe that no one under your administration will be persecuted.

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